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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our product comparison charts can help you determine the features you want and need for alarm clocks, telephones, TV amplifiers and more! Many of us take for granted life's simple joys, such as talking to our loved ones on the telephone. Harris Communications offers amplified telephones designed for people with a hearing loss, offering a simple and enjoyable way to communicate on the telephone with their friends and family. Amplified telephones with tone control can dramatically increase the clarity of a conversation by amplifying certain frequencies of sound that are otherwise normally difficult to hear. All of our amplified telephones are Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC), meaning they are designed to virtually eliminate any of the feedback or interference sometimes experienced with hearing aids. The most important step in choosing an amplified phone is determining the amount of amplification you need to hear more comfortably and clearly on the phone.
Once you've determined which category you fall under, the next step is to find an amplified phone that fits your level of hearing loss. If you miss occasional words or strain to hear on the phone, but still manage to get through the conversation, we recommend a phone with up to 30dB of amplification. If you find yourself constantly asking the person on the other end of the phone to repeat what they're saying, we recommend a phone with 30-45dB of amplification. If you've decided to stop using the phone altogether because you can hardly hear anything at all, or are only able to hear certain people's voices, we recommend a phone with 50dB or more of amplification. These amplify incoming sounds up to 30dB, and are great for those who have a mild-to-moderate hearing loss. These amplify incoming sounds up to 40dB, and are great for those with a moderate-to-severe hearing loss. Fortunately, most of our amplified telephones have a built-in extra loud ringer and visual indicator, making it easy to hear the phone ring. Loud Audible Ringer: Most of our loud phone ring signalers are equipped with tone control and can ring up to 95dB, which is about 5x louder than a standard telephone rings.
Flashing Strobe Light: Most of our signalers are equipped with a bright flashing strobe light, offering you visual notification when the phone rings.
Tactile Notification: A handful of signalers have the added ability to plug in a bed shaker that can be placed under a mattress or pillow, which will then vibrate when the phone rings. Amplified Emergency Telephones offer all the same benefits as our regular amplified phones, but also offer independence and peace of mind for aging parents and their families.
We encourage the use of Bluetooth cell phone accessories because of their convenience and compatibility. This is a simple and inexpensive solution that allows you to directly connect a listening accessory to your cell phone. Come out and join us Saturday, September 27 at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN for some fun exercise at HLAA's Walk4Hearing!
By delivering affordable and reliable products to customers with disabilities, speech, hearing and vision impairments, Clarity is able to better the quality of life of millions via enhanced communication methods.
Clarity corded phones & cordless phones are also available for those with low vision impairment and speech impairments. All logos displayed on this page are registered trademarks with their respective organizations. By creating an account I agree to Factory Outlet Store LLC's Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

For people with a hearing loss, this can quickly become a frustrating and embarrassing experience. Amplified telephones allow you to turn up the volume to a level that's loud enough where you can hear comfortably and clearly, even with a hearing loss.
Tone control virtually eliminates the inability to hear certain voices or sounds by adjusting the actual frequency of the sounds that are being heard, making it easier to hear and understand the entire conversation.
We also have some cordless phone models that meet or exceed the TIA-1083 standard for digital cordless telephones. We've developed a color scale system that shows which phones we suggest depending on the severity of your hearing loss. It may be a good idea to get a phone with a little more amplification than you currently need, as you can always turn the volume down if it's too loud. We also have a simple and inexpensive way to bring phone amplification with you when traveling or going to work!
They simply attach to the handset on a standard telephone and have a built-in volume control that allows you to turn up the volume to your desired level.
If you wear hearing aids, this is especially useful at night when you're asleep and don't have your hearing aids in, but still want to know if the phone rings.
These phones have an "emergency connect" function that can help keep elderly people safe in the event an emergency prevents them from reaching the phone. In the event of an emergency (ie: you fall down), simply push the button on the pendant to activate the speakerphone and the phone will automatically begin dialing your pre-programmed emergency contacts. The phone will then play a pre-programmed emergency message, or one that you have recorded, informing the person on the other line that you need help right away.
Fortunately there are several accessories available that, when paired with your cell phone, will give you the extra boost you need to hear on your cell phone clearly. It is worn around the neck comfortably and discreetly and sends sound directly to your hearing aids through magnetic waves.
Feel free to share it with your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else you think could benefit from this information!Click here to download a PDF of the "Assistive Technology Guide." To begin shopping, click one of the boxes below! With large backlit display, hearing aid compatibility and up to 20dB of amplified volume, you can enjoy Clarity technology when on-the-go.
You can combine amplification with a big button, picture memory phones, or Braille keypad phones. It comes with a small transmitter remote that can be worn on the wrist like a watch, or attached to a neck lanyard (included). For them, standard phones can actually make voices sound muffled and words more difficult to understand. For example, most people with a hearing loss have a high-frequency hearing loss, which makes it more difficult to hear soft sounds, such as consonants.
This higher compatibility standard was developed to further reduce interference that digital cordless phone technology was causing with hearing aids.
As a general rule of thumb, hearing loss can be categorized as either mild, moderate or severe. These phone amplification scales can be found throughout our catalog, website and comparison charts to help you quickly determine which amplified phones are right for you.
A telephone amplifier might be all you need when you want to hear on the phone at a friend's house, hotel, or even work. In-line amplifiers are compatible with all analog and most digital phones, making them a great option for amplifying your telephone at work.

Telephone ring signalers that can connect to any telephone or plug into any telephone jack in your home. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses radio waves to connect electronic devices up to 30 feet apart. Most neckloops have their own volume control, which allows for more amplification beyond what your phone offers.
Because it is placed in close proximity to the hearing aid, the silhouette provides a more direct sound signal to the hearing aid than a neckloop. These cell phones are unlocked GSM phones that allow you to choose your own GSM provider, such as AT&T or T-Mobile in the United States. A variety of options means you can find the best telephone for your household, one that is designed for the entire family.
In the event of an emergency, the wearer presses the emergency button on the transmitter or phone.Once the emergency button is pressed, the phone numbers of up to six preprogrammed emergency contacts are dialed.
This can also make it more difficult to hear the voices of women or children, as they are typically higher pitched than men's voices.
Cordless phones that meet the TIA-1083 standard provide the clearest possible sound for those who are hearing aid wearers.
If you're not sure which category you fall under, we have developed some basic guidelines below to help you estimate the level of your hearing loss. Many of our in-line amplifiers also have the added benefit of "tone control," allowing you to adjust the frequency of sounds you are hearing in order to hear the entire conversation more clearly. It is a secure and inexpensive way to communicate with your family and friends effortlessly.
With this solution you are still able to be hands-free, although there will be a cord running from your phone to the device. Some neckloops also allow you to plug in headphones if the user does not have telecoil equipped hearing aids. This style may work better for some people, depending on the position of the actual telecoil in their hearing aid. The Clarity line of text phones, which can be plugged into most cordless phones, allows users to communicate through a built-in text answering machine.
These are normally family members, friends or neighbors who would be able to respond to the emergency call.If there is no response after 30 seconds or the line is busy, the AMPLI600 automatically dials the next preprogrammed phone number. Telephones with hearing aid compatibility can be used by people without a hearing loss or hearing aids. It may also be a good idea to have your hearing checked by a licensed hearing health professional, such as an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser, as they can give you a more accurate assessment of your hearing loss. Bluetooth allows you to use your cell phone hands-free and wirelessly, with no annoying cords to get in the way. Models, like the AME-Q90D, are great for people who require TTY technology on a daily basis. It will cycle through the emergency numbers twice.When the phone reaches a live person, it will play your pre-recorded emergency message. If you're unsure if your phone is Bluetooth-capable, simply contact your service provider to find out.

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