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Author: admin, 05.01.2015
At the end of this month (May Tuesday 31st), I will be picking the top person for each character.
Once you ARE selected, you will be required to add me on Skype, and I will provide you with weekly updates on the project, however your work will most likely not start until the mid of next month (around Friday June 17th), but there are some sample lines you can record before then for your character. Once you do begin your voicing work as well, you will be given access to all the details about your character and the project, as well as access to the project files, and all our communications methods.
Thanks, and I hope to hear some lines - once the project reaches a stage in development voices are much more prominent, I will be posting another audition up as well, but that is months away.
Adam is a 23 year old male, trained fighter and skilled in hand to hand Combat, hand or armed (fighting someone who is armed, while not being armed yourself) Combat, and all form of deadly combat (physically being able to kill any one in any condition any where - basically the same training Special Forces, The Army and other elite forces have), Acrobatics and Parkour. Additional details about this character is available through emailing me on any information you may need about the character. Jade is a 25 year old female, trained fighter and skilled in hand to hand Combat, hand or armed (fighting someone who is armed, while not being armed yourself) Combat, and all form of deadly combat (physically being able to kill any one in any condition any where - basically the same training Special Forces, The Army and other elite forces have), Acrobatics and Parkour. Jade is also EXTREMELY persistent and goal-oriented, no matter how big or small the problem is, if she wants to help or do something, she will not stop until she gets her way.
Jade is very energetic, friends with Adam, and often messes with him and tries to get him to speak about his emotions (but often fails).
Adam is a 27 year old male, certified street gangster, and one of the highest and most respected members of his gang. Alex is kind of an asshole, and often never knows when he is being one, he sees it as just being honest or just being himself (rarely catches what he says, kind of the idea his mouth isnt connected to his brain), a bit loud, and over confident, he also does not pay much attention to things around him (he hangs out with Adam all the time, and is aware he is depressed, but shows zero sympathy towards him for it. Police officers are units that are spawned, and respond to situations around the game world, and mostly to situations involving the player.

Police in the game act as Canadian Cops (real ones, not the stereotypes, Canadian police will NEVER shoot a suspect, even one who is armed, unless the suspect fires first, or withdraws their gun, even still, the officer is trained to either call for backup, taze and disarm the suspect, and essentially arrest and detain the suspect, then fill out a report immediately, never shoot or kill a suspect. Since officers are generic, there is no preferences or additional details about them, aside from their job details. While a project owner is welcome to have as many active projects running as they wish outside BTVA, the limit is imposed because having too many active projects can be somewhat "unrealistic". BTVA will be undergoing extensive maintenance within the next few days in order to speed up your experience on the site. Microsoft has tightened its spam filters and many emails from places like BTVA (and other sites not on your Contacts list) may be blocked from ever arriving in your Inbox.
HOWEVER, if I like your voice and I think you fit the character well enough, and you meet all the requirements, it's possible that I may offer you a chance to become a permanent member on the team and play that character's role later in the development. Before then, I will be keeping a Top 3 list but if you impress me more than someone on that Top 3 list, you may be able to take their place.
You will also be required to fill out a form once you are selected, that shouldn't take any more than 5 minutes tops. She sounds, looks, and acts normal, just dont ever challenge her to a fight and expect to walk away with your life. Most police officers do not take any situation the player is involved in very lightly (unless they are a very high ranked officer, such as a lieutenant or chief), and always assumed that the player is dangerous, armed, and WILL attack on site, but will NEVER shoot the player first until they are shot at. We want those who are auditioning to feel that each project is getting the attention and quality it deserves given auditioners themselves are putting in their own time and effort.

This is to avoid having a number of auditions from the same member and making the project owner have to listen to all of them. Check out hand reflexology pain relief tricks here.Hand reflexology uses a completely different technique to foot reflexology. He has minimal training in basic martial arts, and is fully skilled with using any type of pistol or sub machine gun with either hand (one-handed), amazing accuracy when shooting these type of guns, but has no skills in self defense.
Once a project owner flags a project as "Completed", they are welcome to create a new project. For now, if you or the project owner wishes you to submit another audition, the project owner will need to "Delete" your audition. The difference between doing reflexology on the toes and fingers is that the fingers offer a greater area to do reflexology on. This is a very important area and relates to many things, including your spine and digestive system4e. Continue until the entire thumb has been stimulated using the Hand Reflexology Technique.3b. Remember to give attention to every single part of skin available, from the inside to the outside. Slide your hand up so that it can now do the same to the second joint, repeat gentle rotating of the joint and again on the top joint of the finger.1e.

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