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Skullcandy noise cancelling earbuds are just one of many popular sellers, and some people are still just discovering who Skullcandy are. So before ordering, you may be wondering some things about the brand and their products before making that purchase: like who the heck are Skullcandy, and where did they come from?
Although the brand welcomes consumers of all kinds, the initial target market was for those who were into action sports, like snowboarding.
Most people have now heard of Skullcandy earbuds because the name has recently been getting a great deal more attention.
Also, their sponsorship of “Boarding for Breast Cancer,” started by famous professional snowboarders Tina Basich and Shannon Dunn-Downing, has helped their image. Aside from being a young company connected to the NBA, NFL, and various cool outdoor sports, like skateboarding, there are even more reasons they has gotten so popular.
Click here to browse through all the latest Skullcandy Noise Canceling Earbuds ~ something I’m sure for all ears.. The prices vary, but you can usually find a pair as low as around $20 or even higher quality ones coming in at around the $70 mark. The popularity of this brand during its almost decade-long existence has helped it go global as well. Ratio by 2XL are uniquely designed ear buds and feature soft silicone wrap and dynamic acoustic range, providing music lovers with a price friendly, yet seriously bold audio accessory to rock out with anytime, anywhere. This item is brand new, in slightly blemished packaging with a full Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Spoke by 2XL is a unique in-ear bud and features noise isolation, in-ear acoustics and changeable gels for a comfortable fit. Skullcandy’s Spoke by 2XL is a unique in-ear bud and features noise isolation, in-ear acoustics and changeable gels for a comfortable fit, providing music lovers with a clear sound in color choices to suit any personality. For 17 years, I've been finding the best bargains the Internet has to offer.Learn more about Karen. Known for being celebrity-endorsed headphones, SkullCandy has become more popular, and perhaps it’s a trendy fashion accessory. Another set of best sellers of Skullcandy maker, Skullcandy INK’D, these lightweight and small size earbuds offer comfortable fit and good noise isolation. Fix In-Ear SkullCandy is a lightweight and comfortable in ear headphone (It has a sensitivity of 102 dB and a 16 ohm impedance). SkullCandy Supreme Sound system, a huge revamp, was integrated in these earphones as advertised it has the unique sounds that only exist in SkullCandy brand. You can get more features from Fix In-Ear Mick  skullCandy earbuds such as a line-in remote control, microphone, an receive call button, navigate tracks, and adjust the volume. What most people may be keen on Skullcandy earbuds is their affordable price, sound quality, durability and fashionable style. Getting something that under their real values is a very nice experience, I mean you can pay less money than product actually cost, and Skullcandy earbuds have took major steps to fulfill that value. Skullcandy earbuds do not give very good sound as some earbuds cost under $30, but they satisfy you by the price, stylish design, average sound quality, and the convenience for your lifestyle. Earbuds need to be better fitting to improve listening experiences, and earbud tips work that out.

You see today a lot of Hip-hop or dance artists wearing Skullcandy earbuds to mix with their outfit.
I am a bit confused choosing best skullcandy earbuds, what features one better over others.
These headphones from Skullcandy feature a black and white color and are a perfect way to complete your listening experience. Skullcandy 5050 Earbuds With Mic 3These headphones from Skullcandy feature a black and white color and are a perfect way to complete your listening experience. Skullcandy Strum Earbuds With Mic Blackblackchrome One SizeSkullcandy packed tons of innovation into one headphone to create the Strum Earbuds with Mic.
Skullcandy Strum Earbuds With Mic Ill Famedroyalcream One SizeSkullcandy packed tons of innovation into one headphone to create the Strum Earbuds with Mic. Skullcandy Strum Earbuds With Mic Whiteblackchrome One SizeSkullcandy packed tons of innovation into one headphone to create the Strum Earbuds with Mic. It seemed that almost overnight the company came out of nowhere and the brand practically took over the market.
Aside from being “cool,” some of their designs, like the audio backpack, are intended for people on the go. Through partnerships and promotions, the company has been getting publicity worthy of more attention. The brand has also made smart choices, like offering collections such as the Yankees, NBA Series, and Paul Frank. This over the ear alternative is ideal for those who don’t like relying on earbuds staying in-ear on their own. However, this makes the Skullcandy noise cancelling earbuds a great moderate price choice for the average consumer. There are plenty of different looks available, making these as much a piece of art to collect as a useful device for listening to your favorite tunes.
Whatever the reason you intend to use your Skullcandy buds for, you are sure to enjoy having them as part of your collection. What made them gain that popularity possibly because Skullcandy came up with the idea of bringing the music, fashion and action sports lifestyle together.
In term of sound quality, its bass is just acceptable (not as good as Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit Earbuds–deep and fairly powerful), and the treble is a little crunchy.
Aside from stylish design and variety of colors you can choose from, INK’D sounds good for the price, which stands for clarity in all registers, but not very blanced.
It also packs a lot of bass. The Fix In-Ear flashy earbuds come with an ergonomic shape, and available in different colors. The represent the combination of the enhanced colors and unique shape is really eye catching, which can make people perceive it as fashion accessories.
Working out requires earbuds have to stand to rough condition like sweat and cable bouncing.
Everyone like the good sound quality that perhaps Skullcandy earbuds falls behind other competitors at the same price range, some lacks of details; other miss to deliver bass, but they stand out for lots of colors and lightweight. Skullcandy earbuds also make wearers feel that these items are related to their colorful clothes and styles.

However, SKDY earbuds are often supplied with 2 or 3 pairs of stock eartips, so it is possible that you may not find the best fitting to your ears. The ideas from SkullCandy are come up with, some sort of making the accessories that match to users’ life style, especially young people rather than deliver a blow-out mind sound quality.
However, in fact, you might have found some of them sound never better than earbuds packed with your smartphones. All SkullCandy earbuds are light weight because the plastic built. This Park City, Utah, based company specializes in headphones, earbuds, MP3 players, and other hands free devices plus even specialty items like audio backpacks. You can find these and other products through their online store, as well as retailers and specialty stores authorized to carry the brand. For example, working with basketball great Kevin Durant and surfer Clay Marzo has helped the brand gain recognition.
The company also likes to brag about their earbuds and earphones that the louder you listen the better and clearer the sound gets.
Whether you want to rock out to Kenny G or relax with some smooth Iron Maiden, the Goose of Copper has you covered.
They focus on colors, enhanced volume and material to improve the comfort and make ’em different from most earbuds on the market. Claimed as the best sellers earbuds in America, this is a typical earbuds for under 30$ but has a level of sound quality that you can realize. Like other enty-leve earbuds, its bass is obtainable, and another downside is that sound distortion is fairly noticeable in the upper mids and highs. As you can see some skullCandy earbuds are identical but they come with many playful colors, together with the icon, whitle skull in black background. There are some common factors to consider: noise-cancelling or noise-isolating, comfort, wire or wireless, good fit (not falling out so often), bass response, full-range sound, purity, clarity of treble. They seem to look the same, just varied in colors and i don’t think sound quality is improved much from one to another.
Made by SkullCandy, these INK'd ear buds will blast through your eardrums with 11 millimeter drivers and 20K hertz of hurtin'. Other innovative design of cable and plugs can be seen as an important points for how long skullcandy earbuds last. Specifically if you are workout enthusiast, you just need secure fit and good bass or wireless earbuds (if you don’t like wire around your body). The in-ear design allows for passive noise isolation so your little ear follicles can breathe while you pump up the jams and drown out your mother. As advertised for sports, these light and small working out earbuds are suitable for a lot of daily life activities and probably it will become as a part of your style.

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