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Anatomy and Physiology is the single most important topic to master if you want to succeed in nursing school. Tympanic Cavity: This is the name of the physical space that contains the all the structures of the middle ear. Round Window (not labeled in diagram): This nifty little hole is covered by a thin membrane that is similar to the ear drum, but it has a very different function.
Cranial Nerve VIII (aka the Vestibular and Cochlear Nerves, aka Vestibulocochlear Nerve, aka Acoustic Nerve): Do you remember your mnemonic for the 12 cranial nerves?

Bony Labrynth: A special name for the area within the temporal bone that is carved out specifically for the cochlea and semi-circular ducts to fit into. Auditory Tube (aka Eustachian Tube): This canal connects the ear to the nose and throat cavity.
Jewellery Making Parties give you the opportunity to make a bracelet and a further item such as a necklace, a key ring, earrings or a bag charm. I created Your Nursing Tutor in 2010 based on a desire to help you (yes, you!) get through nursing school without losing your mind.

I believe in breaking through all the confusing technical jargon to get right to the point of what’s most important to remember. We need more great nurses out there, so I want you to achieve your dream of becoming one, too.

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