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Author: admin, 22.06.2014
A Bach Flower “Remedy” consists of water that has been patterned with the energetic vibrations of one of 38 different flowers.
Khadijah is a highly qualified therapist, specialising in Reflexology and Aromatherapy Massage. Bach Flower Remedies are a system of 38 plant and flower based remedies which were discovered in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a Harley street physician, bacteriologist and homeopath. We all know the feeling of being out of balance, which can seriously affect our emotional and physical well-being and in some cases can even lead to chronic illnesses.
With Bach Flower Therapy, you will find a gentle, safe and natural way to regain this emotional balance and to get back to a positive state of mind.

They are directed specifically at the individual's personality, moods and emotional outlook. The remedies do not treat physical symptoms as such - but can heal them when they are caused by an emotional imbalance. Disclaimer: Bach Flower Remedies are a complementary therapy and not intented to either diagnose an illness or replace treatment prescribed by your doctor. It eases daily stress, addresess mild mood concerns, calms anxious feelings and reduces frustration and anger.
She uses a holistic methodology when treating, using her experience to help her clients to heal themselves.

It is a complementary, holistic therapy which takes the whole person into consideration and treats the individual, not just the symptoms.
You should not stop taking prescribed medicine without consulting your medical practitioner. Like other energetic healing systems, this treatment seeks to create balance in areas of energetic disruption.

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