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Author: admin, 03.06.2015
Many brides consider that they have to spend a great deal of money, including the costs paid for the jewelry pieces, in order for their bridal image to look astounding. Embellishments are definitely a must for a bridal appearance although every once in a while the fashion trends dictate something quite oppositely.
But with the unfolding of a wedding, many brides (we don’t talk here about celebrities that follow the fashion trends whenever they need to attend a social event, their own wedding included) consider to adorn their appearance with jewelry sets that match their choice of wedding apparel, footwear and hairstyling.
But again, you shouldn’t pay so much on these pieces if you have decided to wear beaded wedding jewelry.
You can create DIY beaded wedding jewelry in a set that comprises bracelet, earrings and necklace with whichever colors and beads you find appropriate.

But you can look quite beautifully and graciously even if you decide to buy or to make your own beaded wedding jewelry. There were and they will still come times when wearing jewelry was considered out of fashion: it was the minimalist style that envisioned the image of a woman on a catwalk without any jewelry accessories to adorn her image. All these details are carefully taken into account, not only because this day is very important to them, but also because there will always be the wedding photos that would testify for their bridal beauty long after the wedding event has been consummated. It is enough that you have paid so much on your wedding dress and shoes, with this type of jewelry you can look beautifully without paying an arm and a leg. If you have a white wedding gown, maybe you can try to make this beaded set out of white and blue beads, considering the old saying where you are supposed to wear something blue on the day of your wedding.

More than this, if you take a look within the online pages related to this topic you will be given with plenty of solutions on how to make beaded wedding jewelry on your own. You do not need too many skills to be able to achieve this task and in case you have your own design to consider, it is even better: you would wear an original set of DIY beaded wedding jewelry which your daughter can wear at her wedding as well.

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