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There are many kinds of health and wellness jewelry on the market.   Most of them fall into one of these major categories.
Precious and semi-precious stone healing jewelry – Different stones are also associated with health and wellbeing. Precious metal healing jewelry – Even simple metals like gold, silver and copper are believed by many cultures to posses special powers of protection and health.
Whatever type of piece you choose stay open for changes.   I know that before I found my q-link I wore a variety of pieces and changed them frequently. Tragus piercing is perforation of the tragus, a small pointed elevation; located in front of the concha of the ear.
Though ear piercing types are quite a few, there are only two types of tragus piercing, both of which are associated with perforation of the tragi part of the ear.
Appearance of pustules adjacent or on the punctured area is a common indication of infection. Another factor that can increase your chances of infection is unprofessional piercing with unskilled hands.
Though it takes 6 month for the puncture to be considerably healed some people say that it may take around 8 to 9 months for pain or sensation to cease. I had mine done by gun and the stud was so tight that it ended up swelling over the backing. No it shouldn’t be done with a gun because it will not heal properly, also it will be peirced with a regular earring not the correct size Jewlery for your tragus. Handcrafted artisan wire jewelry made with fine gemstones and crystals, and using Argentium sterling silver, bare copper, red brass and gold-filled wire and components. Conventional starter jewelry for freshly pierced tragi would be 14 or 16 gauge micro curved barbell earning or CBR. If the procedure is done by a novice  who does not practice proper hygiene, the likelihood of infection increases significantly.

Irrespective of how long your puncture takes to heal, you should follow proper aftercare methods as it does not only avoids infection but may also speed up your healing process.
This protuberated cartilage is located outside the ear canal which makes it one of the suitable spots for ear piercing. Some people believe that pain is merely in imagination and to support this theory, they say it is because of fewer nerves in the area.
These may include smooth segment rings, beaded rings, circular barbell rings and many more.
Studs are extremely suitable for those who want to look fashionable but at the same time maintain their professionalism. Other decisive factor for the tragus piercing cost is the person performing the procedure and the kind of jewelry used. Some people who choose to pierce the helix with guns can shatter their cartilage because of the gun.
Piercing guns are actually more harmful and traumatic than needle piercing because of the abrupt squeezing the do, they irritate the fresh puncture. Beaded rings are often adopted by women as it suits them better and looks more fashionable.
One of the highly preferred design for these barbell earing is circular arrow barbell earing.
For example if you live in United States, the average tragus piercing price may range from $30 to $45 depending on the location. If a person selects a low quality jewelry or something that is not suitable for fresh punctures the risks of infection increases.
However, the average healing time needed for tragus puncture to be cured is 2 months to 4 months. I just got my tragus done at a tattoo parlor by a professional and he used a curved needle.

Plus, the cartilage in the tragus is quite thick and it take a good amount of oomph to push the needle through, let alone a piercing gun. In some people the tragus may be so small, that it is difficult or even almost impossible to pierce. The fact is that pain experienced due to perforation of tragus is extremely intense; however, it is present for a brief period. Anti-tragus is located at the inner edge between earlobe and anti-helix and points anteriorly.
This pain is experienced because the cartilage is thicker and the piercer pushes the needle hard through it. For example, in eastern regions it is believed that applying warmed coconut oil in tragus puncture speeds-up the healing process. Tragus piercings range normally from 16-14 gauge whereas a piercing earring is a lot closer to a 25 gauge. However, it is better to consult a doctor who will suggest assured way to heal the perforation.
Some people explain that the pain is comparable with pain experienced during ear-lobe piercing. Remember that tragus piercing pain is not excruciating; though it is intense it is bearable.

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