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Author: admin, 10.11.2013
There are a wide variety of product in our store,and we always discounts when grand festival,so come and get what you need. The VXi TalkPro range of noise cancelling headsets are noted for high accuracy and consistent performance with speech recognition applications.
The system provides crystal clear communication for Speech Recognition or Internet Telephony up to 23 m (75') from the base station (10 m for other Bluetooth devices).

This unit is recommended for users in a fixed location as the base station requires mains power. The USB connection uses standard Windows drivers and Bluetooth pairing simply involves depressing one button on the base station and one on the headset.
Unlike other Bluetooth headsets, meant for telephony, the TalkPro B10-GTX's adjustable boom design ensures proper microphone positioning and consistent speech recognition performance.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 now allows you to create a user specifically for Bluetooth Microphones (Bluetooth 8Khz), further improving accuracy.

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