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It is well known that using a hearing aid can help to relieve tinnitus, but which kind of hearing aids work best? In addition to the traditional job of a hearing aid, to make it easier to listen and communicate, they help with tinnitus by increasing sounds that distracts from tinnitus.
Suitable for most types of hearing loss, Widex's CLEAR family of hearing aids have some unique features for people with tinnitus and hearing loss. Widex's Menu includes a Flexible Sound Platform that helps distinguish high-pitched noise, like children’s voices and beeps or alerts from appliances that might otherwise be indistinguishable in background noise.
Widex's The Mind™: Designed for mild to moderately severe hearing loss this hearing aid is recommended for adults as well as children and available as an In-The-Ear canal (nearly invisible).
If you'd like to learn more about hearing loss, hearing heath, and hearing aids click HERE to DOWNLOAD our free guide to hearing health! Although there are many tinnitus sufferers who don't notice their tinnitus when they are outside of the house, almost all of them find the ringing quite Tinnitus Maskers Hearing Aids.
In those cases the problem is often solved by use of a tinnitus instrument that is a combination hearing aid and tinnitus masker. The tinnitus instrument is a small electronic device-a standard hearing aid and tinnitus masker together in a single case. If you have a hearing loss as well as tinnitus, the masker and the hearing aid may operate together as one instrument. Although there are many tinnitus sufferers who don't notice their tinnitus when they are outside of the house, almost all of them find the ringing quite intrusive in Tinnitus Masker Hearing Aid . Our audiology practice has been serving the Sterling community for many years, providing a full range of audiology services to assist you with all your hearing needs. With over 500 five-star testimonials from satisfied patients, the top audiology practice in the Washington DC Metro Area is right here in Sterling, VA. We know that good hearing is your lifeline to the people and activities that enrich your life.
We truly care about your hearing, and we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your hearing. As experienced audiologists in Sterling, VA, we use the most advanced diagnostic equipment to give you a precise diagnosis of your hearing condition. With Ascent Audiology in Sterling, you have access to the most advanced, discreet and user-friendly hearing aids on the market, and you always have a risk-free, no-obligation 30 day trial period to get accustomed to your new devices.
At Ascent Audiology in Sterling we pride ourselves on the personalized care we provide for each and every patient. MARYLAND: Montgomery County, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Olney, Kensington, Potomac, Chevy Chase, and Silver Spring.

Today there are many hearing aids that help tinnitus not only because they relieve the underlying cause, hearing loss, but because they have added features that work to distract the mind from tinnitus.
Taking it a step further, Widex has developed the Zen Program, customized listening programs that along with their sophisticated hearing technologies provide relaxation programs designed to distract users from tinnitus. Their FreeFocus features lets individuals hone in on sounds from certain directions without having to turn their heads. Often times people who have tinnitus have a mild form of hearing loss, one that is associated with an inability to hear these higher pitched sounds, so this feature is especially helpful for tinnitus sufferers. Features include the Zen relaxation and tone program, that helps the wearer manage tinnitus symptoms.
It does trouble and bother people so that they cannot concentrate on their jobs and enjoy their life. Putting more sound into the head to reduce what is already there is, superficially, as crazy as trying to put out a fire with petrol.
This device fits behind the external flap of There are many types of hearing aids used to restore sound sensation to patients with hearing loss.
Like all other treatments for tinnitus, maskers are This device masks the sounds we hear when we have tinnitus.
Author: Tinnitus Advisor Tinnitus Masker Device This device masks the sounds we hear when Combination in the ear Tinnitus Masker and Hearing Aid.
Research has confirmed that hearing loss is related to other conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and dementia. We specialize in hearing screening and diagnosis of hearing impairments, hearing loss, tinnitus treatment, hearing protection and hearing solutions. If hearing aids are what you need, we will work with you to make sure you get the right make and model for your specific needs. If you need hearing aids in Sterling, VA, there is no better place than Ascent Audiology & Hearing. These programs are meant to be used as a masking and therapy tools in conjunction with advice from a hearing health professional. CLEAR hearing aids communicate wirelessly to each other, making listening easier and more natural sounding. This hearing aid is also equipped with Zen Program and TruSound Stabilizer that makes loud sounds more comfortable and soft sounds more audible.
SmartSpeak verbal messaging system that alerts the user when they need to do something like change the battery.

More and more people are suffering from sensorineural hearing loss, and Tinnitus remains a common problem. Commonly, they are worn in the user’s ear or behind it with a Is a Tinnitus Masker Right For You?. Suitable for subjects with hearing impairment for whom masking noise has demonstrated some cessation of the However, if a hearing aid is not fitted then a tinnitus masker is sometimes prescribed. We take our responsibility for your health and wellness seriously, and we work closely with your primary care physician to provide complete health solutions that are good for your hearing and your overall health.
We have years of experience helping patients find the right solutions to their hearing needs, and customizing those solutions for optimal results.
Our patients have seen dramatic improvements in their quality of life, and we want you to experience that, too! Widex has three family of hearing aids designed with the Zen Program: Menu, Mind, and CLEAR. Products within this family include Fusion a Behind-The-Ear model of hearing aid designed with the Zen Program of relaxation. Also included are features that improve speech understanding in noise and a feature that stops feedback whistling--a common problem in older hearing aid models. Unfortunately, this means that a growing number The tinnitus masker is similar to hearing aid equipment, but it doesn’t enhance the external sound to process through it.
A tinnitus masker can watch covet a hearing It has been found, by the way, that the sound of water is the best masker for tinnitus. Noise is generated Your audiologist will also help you learn how to get the best use out of your hearing aids. To determine if this feature is something you'd like, you can listen to the different Zen Programs: HERE. The Menu hearing aid gives you the option of adding the features you want, so it's a good choice for people who prefer to "build their own" hearing aid.
And as your hearing changes over time, your trusted audiologists in Sterling, VA will be here to make sure you are always hearing your best. All of these instruments provide an organic listening experience and digital technology, but the 440 has the most features.

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