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Hearing aids now a days comes in many stylish models from the traditional Behind the Ear (BTE)  to latest model Open Ear (no ear mold, only a thin tube and dome), and they are comes with attractive colors. A hearing aid is an electro acoustic device made to amplify the sound  for it’s user, thus aid in making their speech more intelligible and some others can correct impaired hearing problems too. Invisible in canal hearing aids (IIC) type hearing aids can be well fitted inside ear canal completely, so it is invisible for others. INTEO which is called as TAILOR-MADE SOUND which is offered from the Widex to truly focus on the user. Phonak is Swiss based multinational corporate they are experts in the field of hearing aid designing. Phonak India is supplying various quality hearing aids and other products. Phonak Bolero Q can easily connect and communicate with mobile phones, computers, TVs, game consoles and MP3 players. It features variety of performance levels and available in a range of styles, including a water and dust resistant model.
Unitron and ALPS are other leading hearing aid companies in India which supplies trusted products. Starkey is a famous hearing aid manufacturer offers and helps millions of patients with never-before-seen hearing aid technologies. Starkey is the only American-owned and operated provider of hearing solutions. The company offer hearing aid protection for various occupation, recreation and extreme loud sound exposure. Behind-The-Ear hearing instruments: Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids available from  Miniature-BTEs to the larger Super Power instruments. In-The-Ear hearing instruments: These products are individually manufactured to suit a person’s ear. Hearing Instruments for Kids and Teens: This section of siemens dealing with special guide for giving instructions for maintaining and handling of hearing aids.
Pocket Hearing Instruments: The Pockettio from Siemens is a more convenient and easy digital hearing system helps you to correct hearing impairments based on your environment like when you listen to MP3 player or watching television.
Wireless: Siemens wireless hearing aid solutions is best in class which enables you stream audio directly from your mobile phone, TV or music player.
Elkon is a famous hearing aid manufacturer in India which is a An ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The Elkon FM Sytems or Comfort Contego features A full performance wireless communication system.
Mrudul Electronics is a famous portable amplifiers merchant in Mumbai Sirion line of BTE amplifiers to convey the music of life to your ears.
My mother ,80 years have hearing power left year 90% lost and right year 50% lost (based on audio check up).
The best Hearing Aid I have seen so far is developed by Government of India Research Institute named C-DAC.
Dear Sir, The compatibility of the hearing aid to the mobile phone depends on the hearing loss and the hearing aid technology.
An audiologist can explain the advantages and disadvantages of various hearing aid options. There are several styles of hearing aids, such as those with a plastic case that rests behind the ear.
A hearing aid is a small device that fits in, or behind, the ear to improve the quality and volume of sounds the wearer hears. All hearing aids work in essentially the same way — by using a microphone to amplify sounds. Once you’ve found the best hearing aid for your situation, ask whether the device comes with a warranty. We wanted to give the viewers of our new Youtube channel a closer look at 5 details of the new Siemens iMini hearing aids. The 5 main details we'll be looking at today are the Shell, Battery door, Microphone, Removal string and the Vent. The Shell is being compared to a work of art, and Siemens is calling the men and women who acutally manufacture these units craftsmen and artists. In fact, each unit comes with a signed certificate with the customers name and the artist's signature displayed on the document, to show the pride that went into creating the device. The Battery door is seen on the right of the unit, where the battery is removed and replaced.
The Microphone is almost impossible to see in the photo, however, a number of Siemens technology is being applied here.
Speech and Noise Management is made for those chatty noisy environments, the probably the number one complaint from hearing aid wearers.
Next we have the Removal String, due the fact that this unit sits down in the ear canal, making it Invisible.

Finally, the Vent is a smooth notch which can be seen in the bottom of the picture above and in the video, which allows for the ear to breath. More details will be coming here shortly so stay tuned with our free newsletter, sign up using the boxes at the top right of every page. February 23, 2014 By Jenny Whitcliff 1 Comment Hearing aids can be a life changing investment for those with a hearing impairment, but they can also be quite expensive on the financial side.
It is quite difficult to estimate the average cost of a hearing aid, as individuals will have different requirements that can often dictate the type of hearing aid they may be best suited to purchasing. The cost of your hearing aid can also differ considerably from other people who buy the same hearing aid, depending upon any health insurance you may have which may cover some or even all of the cost of the hearing aid.
There are a number of very important points to research and keep in mind when you are on the hunt for a new hearing aid. The design of the hearing aid – which particular hearing conditions has it been created for and what system does it use?
How the hearing aid fits – is it comfortable and of a style that you would be happy to use? Features and accessories – are there any special features that would enhance your use of the hearing aid? Durability and quality – this is important, as it will dictate how often you might need to replace your hearing aid.
The great thing to keep in mind is that even some of the more well known and highly respected hearing aid manufacturers can often have some lower cost models, to meet that particular section of the market. It often means that there are less features and other additions on these lower cost items – but you may find that the core functionality remains the same. When it comes to purchasing a hearing aid for yourself, you are most likely going to put the quality and effectiveness of the hearing aid as a top priority.
There is no one broad answer to these questions, and you must take every product on its own merit.
Please confirm availability and price including freight cost and delivery duration for the below item.
They are not clearly visible all the time, rather than while standing face to face with someone. In this type shell of the aid is custom-made and they give the user more natural experience of hearing with comfort. The specialty of this one is nteo treats the sound coming into the hearing aid in a unique way. AIKIA which is called HEARING IN NOISE, with this special hearing aid you can relax while your hearing aid does the work as it adapts automatically to each situation. Phonak India is continuing services for over 18 years as a subsidiary of Phonak AG, Switzerland. Phonak hearing aids comes with flexible forms, colors and styles.
The unique Binaural Voice Stream Technology of Phonak detects the speech signal and ensures that you can hear sounds in both ear equally.
The company works and offers aids based on the unique need of person. Starkey offers different types of hearing aids and accessories. It is comes with 312 or 13 battery size. The system supported with 3 Series, Ignite and X Series technology. Which can help you with assistive listening device, supports as media streamer, and hearing aid remote all rolled into one. They cam correct mild to profound hearing loss. The main models of behind the ear Ace, Pure, Pure Carat, Aquaris, Motion, Nitro, Lotus and Intuis. The main features are handheld, battery powered, touch screen, menu guided, configurable test battery, re-editable peak markers on device and PC, statistical significance (traffic-light), up to 1000 tests stored, MIRA (PC-based),USB port for data communication and automated detection of accessories. It is help to improve and enhance the quality of sound and the user adjustable for maximum sound customization.
It helps you concentrate all the more obviously on the voices and sounds you long to hear and is so natural to utilize that you can truly focus on the minutes that matter most.
Requirement (ease of communication, for ex: the communication needs differ from a tailor to a teacher).
It is cheaper, as it is from a government source also better than the so called high end hearing aids. Most of the time the more the hearing loss the less the ease of communication through a mobile phone. For cosmetic reasons, the wearer may prefer a hearing aid that fits completely inside the ear canal. Even with the best hearing aid, however, the wearer may still have trouble discerning individual conversations when in a loud venue.
Hearing aids can be relatively expensive, and the best hearing aids are likely to cost the most.

Find out whether there is a trial period for your purchase to make certain the style you’ve chosen truly is the best hearing aid for your needs. But each iMini hearing aid is custom-made for its wearer based on ear canal measurements, so each will be uniquely shaped. Whether it is you or your child who needs to purchase a hearing aid device, you probably do not want to be limited by budget. In the vicinity of $3000, right up to $5000 is not an unreasonable amount to consider if you want the best of the best.
Other people, on the other hand, may have to cover the entire cost of the hearing aid themselves.
High quality aids can last many years, but lesser quality ones may not be so durable, resulting in an even bigger financial investment in the long run, and potentially making the smaller upfront asking price a little deceiving.
Whilst their high end hearing aid products are often their flagship products that they become famous for, it doesnit mean that they don’t put the same quality control in place in their less expensive devices. These small compromises can be enough to sway you towards the cheaper hearing aids if finances are a major concern for you. Cheap or low cost hearing aids may not sound too appealing to those who simply do not want to compromise. Certainly, good hearing aids have reduced in price and we are now able to access better technology than ever before.
But you must ask yourself whether the advantages of being able to literally change your life through the use of a high quality hearing aid is worth the financial cost, whatever that may need to be. The hearing aids now available in different forms, they may vary in size, power and circuity.
These type are custom made to fit for individual and very useful for persons with mild to some severe hearing losses.
Widex offers hearing aids in the names: DREAM, CLEAR, SUPER, MENU, MIND, PASSION, BABY440 and the company offers other hearing aids too.
They offer excellent services and in projecting the brand as India’s most trusted and reliable product. The company offers quality hearing aids and accessories for the customers. But you have an option called wireless hearing aid devices, which works on the Bluetooth technology, which will make an satisfied communication through mobile phones. In most cases, however, he or she will work with his or her doctor or audiologist to determine which is the best hearing aid for the specific type of hearing loss. Hearing aid technology can be enhanced with assistive devices such as telephone adapters, directional microphones, remote controls, and blue tooth technology.
Something to keep in mind is the smaller the device, the less powerful it is, but the higher the price tag it typically carries. So it is a good idea to find out just what is involved in the cost of a hearing aid, and what you should be looking for in the process of buying one.
But this does not give a good indication of what people are spending on the very high end, top of the range hearing aids.
This generally means obtaining the latest technology, best quality and most features that are currently possible in the world of hearing aid design. Where you live and what sort of rebates and health insurance is available to you can really have a great impact on what you are paying for your hearing aid. If finances are an issue though, you may not be in a position to spend top dollars on the absolute best hearing aid, even if you know that it will be able to increase your quality of life considerably. When it comes to our hearing, even small compromises can mean the difference between being able to function relatively normally in your day to day life, or continuing to struggle due to your hearing impairment.
As this technology becomes cheaper for manufacturers, the savings are passed on to you, the consumer. Hearing aids and assistive devices are not usually covered by health insurance, meaning individuals usually need to pay for them out-of-pocket. As long as a hearing aid provides the standard functionality and features that you need, in a design and build that is of suitable quality, then you can certainly get by without spending a small fortune on a hearing aid. The benefit of this model is there is no chance to get damage the aid by moisture and earwax as it is fitted in behind the ear. Or do these cheaper hearing aids force you to make far too many compromises in terms of your potential to hear better?
If at any time in the future you then decide that you’d like to upgrade to a more technologically advanced, or more feature rich solution, you will be fortunate enough to be able to compare first hand your current low priced aid, with that of the higher end models.

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