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Author: admin, 13.05.2016
Sinus inflammation accompanied by stuffy nose, wheezing and headache can be quite common, especially in the upcoming winter days. If you think you have tried everything you could, and nothing helped so far, we recommend you try this homemade mixture and the best about it is that you do not need much time or money. Peel the surface skin of the root with a vegetable peeler and chop the root into very small pieces.
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Doctors and health professionals recommend four to five cups of fruit and vegetables daily for women and five to six cups for men.

Combine: four celery stalks, one cucumber, one cup of kale, one-half green apple, one-half lime, one tablespoon coconut oil, half-cup of almond milk and one cup of pineapple. A great vegetable juice recipe that can be made from the fruits of your own labor (in this case vegetables).  A juice that can help, relieve or prevent anemia, low libido, sinus congestion, allergies, stomach cancer.
Place them in a food processor; add 2 tablespoons of water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and small amount of salt. How in the world can we possibly pack in that many fruit and vegetables daily, with our demanding routines of juggling work, family, exercise and a social life?
I love adding ginger to any juice, especially when I feel a cold coming on or sinus pressure this time of year.

Keep the grounded horseradish away from your eyes – make sure there is good air flow in the room. Don’t use water even if it provides burning sensation in your sinuses and throat because this is a good sign that the mixture is working. This will also help your skin, eye and heart health as well as give your immune system a boost.

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