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Disclaimer: it’s worth mentioning that it’s fairly difficult to make a cheap pair of headphones with this technology. The i7s also have a detachable audio cable which is nearly 6 feet long and flat, meaning you won’t have to worry about spending the first few minutes of your flight untangling them.
But it’s not all about the comfort (for most), inside those ear cups the i7s are packing 40mm neodymium drivers that help to pump out “audiophile quality sound.” We’re a bit skeptical anytime a company uses that phrase but these have been getting solid reviews so the sound definitely has to be at least be good, if not up to audiophile standards. These sell for $99 on the official Noisehush website but you can usually find them on Amazon for significantly less cash.
The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B Quietpoint headphones take everything that’s good about the brand and adds up a 20dB reduction to outside noise.
Audio-Technica likes to include two cables with their headphones and these are no exception.
As always be sure to let us know what gems you’ve found when it comes to the best noise cancelling headphones under $100. These open ended headphones offer a wide soundstage that recreates a brilliant sense of being there when the original recording was taking place. Lightweight and comfortable, these headphones can be worn for hours without any worry of overheating. While the sound coming from an ipad or ipod is okay, an amp is truly needed to bring out the maximum potential of these headphones. A little less luxurious and harder on the head than the HD598s, however it’s only slightly so.
Clarity and soundstage sound great, just slightly below the more expensive Sennheiser counterparts. There are plenty of headphones out there that do an amazing job at this but they all usually come with a hefty price tag. These also fall under the active noise canceling category and use AAA batteries to make that happen. NoiseHush claims that the noise cancelling technology is so advanced that it even works sufficiently while turned off in passive mode. The ear cups themselves are made of memory foam covered in genuine leather which should allow for hours of comfortable listening.
Instead of adding volume control to the remote (which is for Android and iOS devices) they added a small volume wheel to the bottom of the ear cup next to the ANC button. These have acquired a score of 3.3 out of 5 stars from over 200 people so if you’re on a budget the NoiseHush i7s are definitely worth taking a look at. One battery should last you about 80 hours of noise canceling so if you keep a spare on you then you should be covered for quite some time. That’s pretty handy considering many people are going to be using these while commuting or traveling. If you’re reading this you probably know a thing or two about audio and have heard of Audio-Technica.

These are over-ear closed-back headphones as well, so there’s sure to be a good amount of passive blocking to go along with the built-in active cancelling circuitry.
You can pump these up to about 109dB which when paired with the ANC should be more than sufficient to drown out any random rumbling around the office or airport. This isn’t a booming market since ANC technology is hard to get right without raising the cost of the headphones, so most companies just skip over it altogether. When you invest $100-$200 on a pair of headphones, you expect great sound and great build quality. The sound is astonishingly clear: The soundstage attribute separates out each instruments just enough so you can appreciate the scope of a full orchestra playing for you. The clarity and depth of sound is astounding, and all the characteristics of classical music and live jazz are well represented here. The ANC-7B’s deliver some powerful noise-cancellation (while sounding really good) for about $130. Will they cancel out the crying baby three seats back or the crowd of tourists passing by? Probably not. The headband has a similar padding all around and is adjustable to fit pretty much every sized head.
The Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling headphones are of the on-ear variety, so the passive noise blocking is less prevalent here than the others on this list.
They’re ear cups that not only help to passively block ambient noise, but also help to provide a good fit to the wearer. If you’re a bass head you’ll like that the frequency range on these dips all the way down to 10Hz, so even though you won’t be able to hear what’s going on (humans can hear as low as 20Hz) you’ll be able to feel that sub-bass doing work. Oh, and naturally they also come with an in-flight adapter. If you think these might be the ones for you, you’re not alone.
They have a clean design meant for travel and can easily be folded flat to better fit in the included hardshell carrying case.
You can then decide for yourself which headphones are better based on the activities you will be using them for…Or you can be like me, and buy both! It gives the HD598’s an ageless quality that will make these headphones stand the test of time. Every audiophile forum raves about the overall sound quality and tonal balance of the M50x’s, and indeed, there is no genre of music that makes them sound bad.
These headphones were once priced around $300, but couldn’t compete with the big boys like Bose and Sennheiser. The Shure headphones actually just squeaked in by virtue of going on sale, so as of now they are under $200. They use tiny microphones built into the headphones to pick up any outside noises before producing the inverse sound wave.

Even if it’s not these are over-ear headphones so simply having them on will drown out a lot of annoying ambient noise.
They’re pretty much the internets favorite brand because of their ATH-M50 headphones which had a great quality-to-price value.
As far as comfort goes, these have a lot of cushion and are flexible enough to fit heads of all shapes and sizes (assuming you’re not a cone head). Should they die on you they can also be used in passive mode, and being closed-back headphones they should do a fairly good job at passive noise blocking as well. These scrape the upper limits of pricing that we have for this list, but with a 3.7 out of 5 star rating on Amazon we figured these were worth it. The large 40mm drivers bring lots of detail on the mid-range, something that even the QC15 lacks. They come with an inline mic for taking calls, which is a handy feature if these are your commuting headphones. This phenomena (called deconstructive interference in physics lingo) effectively cancels any unwanted outside noise, allowing you to enjoy your music uninterrupted.
Well you’ve come to the right place because these are our picks for the best noise cancelling headphones under $100. Couple that with music playing and you should be fine until you can find yourself another pair of AAA batteries, which will last you about 120 hours of constant playback by the way. When turned on the ANC works to block 95% of unwanted ambient noise which helps to make up for the fact that these aren’t over-ear cans.
To help with portability Sony also gave these hinges so you can easily fold them and stuff them away in a bag. The active noise-cancellation is around 90% (most budget NC headphones only block out around 75% of external noise). This can be crucial when deciding on a pair of headphones if you have a noisy neighbor or simply don’t want to be bothered while commuting.
They are primarily designed as professional studio headphones, but will function perfectly well as a high end set of desk headphones. They are actually more comfortable than the M50’s when it comes to long periods of use. You’ll still need to let your ears breathe every few hours, but you can pop the headphones back on without taking extended breaks.

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