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Author: admin, 23.05.2014
For those who prefer a compact on-ear design and a rechargeable battery, QuietComfort 3 headphones offer a proven combination of Bose® noise reduction, audio performance and comfortable fit. Proprietary Bose technologies deliver quality sound from these award-winning headphones?making listening a pleasure just about anywhere.
Bose has added two new products to its range: the QuietComfort 20 in-ear noise-cancelling headphones (?260), and Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker (?170). The QuietComfort 20s are Bose's first in-ear noise-cancelling models, and weigh just 1.5 ounces.
The measurements are then sent to a digital electronic chip located in the control module found on the headphone chord. Bose says its Truport technology uses ports on the earbuds to reproduce "deep lows, and lifelike vocals and instruments", while active equalisation tunes the frequency response for "improved, natural sound". New proprietary StayHear+ ear tips feature an improved conical design for a better fit in the ear and to block external noise.
Owners can use the BoseQuietComfort 20s in one of two ways: either with full noise cancelling engaged, or in 'Aware mode' which keeps the music playing, but allows external sounds such as a car horn beeping or a friend talking to be heard. The headphones include an integrated in-line mic and controls that enable you to take phone calls. Also announced by Bose today is its SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker, available from July 11th. And Bose uses DSP (digital signal processing) to create a "tonally balanced sound at any listening level". The Bose SoundLink Mini uses Bluetooth A2DP, comes with a charging cradle and has a lithium-ion battery good for a claimed seven hours of listening. If you like Bose's original noise cancelling headphones, you may like the company's new model even more.
Noise cancellingA  headphones are a wonderful tool when you're travelling, and they can also come in handy in other applications - such as when the kids are asking for money. My other complaint about the 15's was that you couldn't use them without the noise cancelling circuitry activated (you'd get no sound at all), which may not be a big deal but which rubbed me the wrong way when I wanted to use them in my home theater - whose noise is controlled and usually highly desirable (I like to crank the tunes and flicks!).
Then Bose invited me to New York City when they introduced the brand new QC 20 noise cancelling ear bud-type phones. That control module is nice and small and it holds the switch to turn the noise cancelling on and off (and you can hear the tunes with them off now) and it also has a little USB slot for recharging the unit.

The manufacturer says the QC 20's battery is good for 16 hours, which should be plenty for most uses.
Aware mode lets you hear just enough of the outside world to listen to your spouse or avoid getting run over by a subway train, yet it doesn't shut off the noise cancelling completely. I've tried it a few times in saloons, where the QC's remove most of the low frequency rumble from air conditioners and other equipment, but lets me converse with the server (or whomever) while wearing them. A caveat, and this isn't Bose' fault (I noticed it with another product I reviewed a while back as well), is that, since the people with whom you're interacting see you wearing buds, it can give them the impression that you aren't paying attention to them. About the only thing I'd change (besides making them truly wireless, which might be difficult) is to put the control unit a bit farther down the cord. The QC 20's are available in two models: the QC 20, which works with most Android, Windows and BlackBerry phones, and the QC 20i for Appleholics. I've used other noise cancelling ear buds, but these new Bose QC 20's are a real breakthrough. The Bose Quiet Comfort 20 noise cancelling ear buds retail for $329.95 Canadian, which definitely isn't chicken feed. Bose engineers have placed two tiny microphones in each earbud: one senses the sound approaching, the other measures the sound inside.
The chip – exclusive to Bose – calculates an equal and opposite noise cancellation signal within a fraction of a millisecond. It's designed to fit in the palm of your hand, connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a laptop, smartphone or tablet, and comes in an aluminium housing.
That's because they not only work better than the already-excellent QC 15 over-the-ear phones, they're also small enough to pack in your pocket. I've been using the QC 15's for a few years now and absolutely love them, but they are large and heavy, and the airlines I've flown won't let me use them until the plane's off the ground and the seatbelt light is off and they make you take them off again long before you're back on the ground.
But overall, the QC 15's are an excellent product, and I'd much rather live with the quibbles than not have the headphones. Heck, they actually had the floor vibrating as if a train were about to burst into our demo room and run us over but, while I could feel the vibrations through my feet, the noise never seeped through to the listening experience.
And now that I've been using the QC 20's for a couple of months of real world experience, I'm so convinced of their quality that I've decided to put my mint condition QC 15's out to pasture and replace them with the 20's. This charging method is different from the QC15's, which use a AAA battery - so while you don't have to remember to bring along a charged battery, you do have to remember to charge the unit up before you embark on a long journey.

I usually charge the things up before leaving the house, whether they need them or not, and I've never had them run out of juice on me.
They also have little horn-like projections sticking up that actually help fit the buds into your ear better, making a better seal from outside interference. The result is a very nice compromise that could save your life if you're wandering around outside with the QC 20's on.
So perhaps the feature's best used for quick interactions and if you're going to have a real conversation it may be best to bite the bullet and doff the buds for the duration.
I use a broadcast quality microphone into which I've traditionally plugged some high quality over the ear phones, but once I tried the 1.5 ounce QC 20's I haven't gone back to the big beasties. As it sits, it's about two inches from the plug and while that works okay, it can be a tad in the way. That limits their usefulness on a plane, though of course it doesn't affect your use of them other places.
The music sounded great and with my eyes closed it was almost as if I were in my listening room at home except that we didn't have recliners.
You won't forget you're wearing ear buds, and I noticed a bit of not-uncomfortable pressure when you fire up the noise cancelling, but I can wear them for hours on end without getting fatigued.
I've also noted that Aware mode comes in really handy in noisy places where you might have trouble hearing people speaking to you. It's a shame, really, because I have trouble hearing conversations in noisy places and the QC's are a real help. The QC's are more comfortable and of course the noise cancelling also comes in very handy.
Perhaps if it were a few inches farther along the cord the product would be even more flexible. Then they cranked up the outside noise a€“ which at a major transportation terminal such as Grand Central was easy to do and substantial - letting us experience just how much noise these little things could cancel. That's really a major picking of nits, though; I'd rather have the QC's as they are than not have them!

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