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Author: admin, 30.12.2015
Speakers & Surround Sound A place to learn more about speakers, their functionality and how they can complement your entertainment experience. I know the purpose of ear muffs is to block sound waves from reaching your ears through the use of certain insulating materials. My question is, from a hearing protection standpoint, is the impact on the user's ear the same?

The whole point of noise-cancelling headphones is that, at your eardrum, the noise + antinoise sums to as near zero as the technology will permit. Thanks, should have posted it in the gaming forum, since clearly that's where all the smart people reside. This post is not to be construed as a slam on plasma TV's nor an endorsement of any other TV technology.

This makes noise-cancelling headphones useful as hearing protection in loud environments (although they're probably not effective nor certified as protection against single, loud, percussive events such as gunfire).

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