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Join Liz Hankins and members of the House of Hearing and Lyric at this FREE dinner and event at the downtown Chuck-A-Rama restaurant.
Join us at Chuck-A-Rama on Tuesday, October 30 to take advantage of this special limited-time offer.
We are proud to announce that ENT House of Hearing was awarded the 2015 Audiology Salt Lake City Patients' Choice Award and the 2016 Audiology Tooele Patients’ Choice Award.
Lyric is different from other hearing aids because Lyric is comfortably placed deep in the ear canal, 4mm from the ear drum, by a Lyric trained hearing professional during a routine office visit. Lyric’s unique placement deep in the ear canal means it stays there for months at a time– it can be worn through daily activities such as showering, exercising, sleeping and talking on the phone.
Lyric is the only hearing aid that can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for months at a time, without daily insertion or removal. Since Lyric is placed deep in the ear canal, it uses the outer ear’s natural anatomy to direct sound to the device, where it is then amplified to the ear drum. Lyric is comfortably placed in the ear canal by a Lyric trained hearing professional during a routine office visit, without surgery or anesthesia. Lyric hearing aids are sold on a subscription basis, which means you purchase a year’s worth of devices at a time.

Stock up on all hearing aid batteries for all major hearing aid manufacturers as well as ear plugs and accessories. Lyric, the world’s first completely invisible hearing device, is a fantastic option for those of us that are cosmetically minded.
In certain situations, even if your hearing healthcare provider thinks that you are the perfect candidate for Lyric, you may still be contraindicated if you have excessive problems once the aid has been inserted into your ear. Lyric is an exciting improvement when it comes to hearing aids, however, it is imperative to have an in depth conversation with your hearing healthcare provider in order to determine if the device is right for you. But please call The House of Hearing at 801-657-4175 to learn more about Lyric Hearing Aids. You’ll learn why we believe Lyric hearing aids are the leading-edge hearing aids you can buy today. Simply attend our dinner on October 30 and a House of Hearing audiologist will custom-fit Lyric hearing aids for your ears. Because Lyric takes advantage of the ear’s anatomy, users experience improved directionality and localization (the ability to determine where sounds are coming from). Once placed, Lyric is programmed to your specific hearing needs by your Lyric audiologist or hearing professional.

Duration of device battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions. There are a number of contraindications, or reasons, why Lyric cannot be fit on certain individuals.
Some individuals experience ear pain, bloody ear canals, or excessive wax buildup upon insertion. When you need to replace your Lyric devices, simply return to your Lyric audiologist or hearing professional for a short follow up visit, where you will be fit with a new set of devices. If you inquire about Lyric during your hearing aid consultation, your hearing healthcare professional will go over these contraindications with you to determine if Lyric is the right choice for you. If this is the case, you may be instructed to wait a couple of weeks before getting another aid inserted. As an additional benefit, your subscription covers any Lyric technology upgrades, which means you will have access to the most advanced Lyric hearing technology available once your provider has been trained on the latest technology.

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