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They are lightweight, comfortable and can work for a large variety of earlobe shapes and sizes. In order to receive the full benefit of wearing pressure earrings, it is important to use the screws to tighten them to the point that the skin blanches (or whitens). Once you’ve worn a clear pair of pressure earrings, you will have a feel for when blanching occurs. We have carefully rounded and smoothed the corners and edges on these earrings to provide a more comfortable fit for the wearer. When you find a product you like on the web, click the link in the tool bar and you can ask a question.

While your question is being worked on, view other similar products and questions on IMshopping. These earrings are unobstrusive, discreet and can be worn by men, women and children either during the day or while sleeping. These specially designed Pressure Earrings feature two pressure plates attached to a self-adjusting clasp which exert a comfortable, even pressure on both sides of the ear lobe. Additionally, you'll receive announcements related to the IMshopping service, you can opt out at any time.
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