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It is no wild boast to say we offer A competitive, reliable service for locals wishing to sell.
Traditionally Antiques Dealers have been viewed with enthusiastic distrust by British Society long before the internet arrived. Antique Shops vanished from the high street while television programs perpetuated the Auction myth by screening the sale of items selling to the supposed surprise of both vendor and Auctioneer. We will research the recorded price of similar of identical pieces and bring your attention to our findings. We Will Then House And Attempt To Sell On Your Behalf  At Higher Than The Recorded Value In A High Street Retail Situation. WE RETURN YOU YOUR TOTAL EXPECTED PRICE ADDING A VARIABLE RETAIL MARGIN ON TOP FOR OURSELVES. There are various markings found on gold jewelry – 10k, 14k, 18k, or even 24k where K represents Karat (it symbolizes the purity of gold in that particular jewelry item).
It is to be noted here that no gold less than 10k can be called gold in America – it’s too impure.

Your buying needs depend on the frequency with which you have to wear your jewelry, as well as whether you are allergic to the metals mixed with your gold jewelry. There is a pretty good reason behind it too, especially if your jewelry is made of sturdy metals like gold and platinum.
When combined with other metals, the resultant alloy might make people’s skin react to it, but pure gold itself is something that people are seldom allergic to. Needless to say, the higher the number of karat mentioned in your gold, the more pure it is.
Make sure that when you buy fine jewelry from your jeweler, he gives you a certificate of purity or a hallmark of the makers of this jewelry along with your purchase. Various metals are mixed with it to make it more sturdy and durable as well as to reduce its cost.
Always ask the jeweler before hand what metal has been used to make an alloy out of your fine jewelry of gold.
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This article will focus on gold and how you can use this knowledge to get the best out of your money. The metal is extremely malleable, which means that you can mould it into almost any shape, which includes fine wire jewelry design because gold does not break easily.
The thicker the coating of gold, the lesser chances are of it wearing down and exposing the original metal beneath it. Be it wire jewelry design, contemporary designs, gypsy styles or stacking – buy something that suits your personality and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. So whether you love antique rings, fine jewelry or wire jewelry design, if you’re a lover of gold, then this article is for you. For example, Palladium is added to give white gold, while copper is added to give it a pinkish hue.

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