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Author: admin, 19.08.2015
Today, with advances in technology it is possible to get more out of your existing hardware. Nuendo, is a software equipped with various tools for a feature rich production environment. Add to this gear, at, mics such as Shure KSM 27, AKG 414, Rode NT 2000 which are condenser microphones. Guitar Rig, is another downloadable software and Pro Tools is a popular recording software and hardware panel. For live performances the band also makes use of the Electrocraft midas mixer which is a digital audio mixing console and the Yamaha BM5D. Apart from the basic above mentioned techniques, there are a host of other techniques especially when it comes to music albums where several techniques may be merged together to create a dynamic sound effect. In an industry that is evolving quickly, there are some pieces of equipment that are making waves (see box). Ever wondered what the personal favourites are for the professionals when it comes to sound? With so many options out there, is there one piece of equipment that professionals really want to get their hands on?

Though I'm reading this article after a while and replying rather late, it definitely piques my curiosity to know the use of Yamaha products over that of Harman Kardon, in the digital mixing console or programmable software segment.
Foo FIghters rocker Dave Grohl has confirmed reports he’s making a movie about the studio where Nirvana recorded landmark album Nevermind. REO Speedwagon star Kevin Cronin revealed news of the project last year, hinting he’ll be a part of the untitled Sound City Studios documentary, and now Grohl has opened up about the film in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine.
A few industry experts share with Geeta Mehta a few products and software that are making a noise in the industry of sound technology. Can you imagine the famous dialogue – ku*** Kamin** mein tera khoon pe jaonga - being enacted in a silent film? Being part of an upcoming band with smaller funds Prabhune has learned to do with a lot less equipment. But, with these latest developments does it automatically imply that even audiences tastes have evolved? Mendoza tilts toward sound used in commercials where the sound engineer is particularly challenged as one has to capture the attention of the audience within a limited span of sometimes as little as 60 seconds. Also sound in Indian commercials is seldom used from source or location, even the actors voices are frequently redubbed either to improve expression or to offer a better end result.

Therefore, a typical studio looks like a mix of bulky goods and the latest up loadable technology.
While Nuendo makes its way even in their little studio, the band also uses Q-base which offers excellent output and a free downloadable software called Frooty Loops which is used to create demos. The list of people that recorded there reads like a virtual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame… We recorded Nevermind there back in 1991. This system allows you to record two channels on stage or in a studio while also allowing you the flexibility of changing mic positioning. In lay man’s terms the D8b is a digital mixer and a top of the line one that, has also made its way to Hollywood.

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