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Author: admin, 22.12.2014
Millie was kindly sent a Tallulah pyjama set to review, her face just lit up when she saw them!
I think these pyjamas would make a great stocking filler for any Tickety Toc loving toddler! It’s Christmas Eve, and as Tickety Town prepares for Christmas, a shock crash landing by Santa throws everything into turmoil!
A couple of memories that stand out to me from this young age are the ones where we moved from a flat into a house literally just around the corner.
The next memory that I have is helping us move into that house, I was given the responsibility of carrying the toaster from the flat to the house.
As the years went by we made lots of great memories in the house, mine and my sisters birthday parties, friends round for tea, impromptu camping in the garden. My parents brought the house when I was about aged 10, it was at the time when the council were offering to sell your house to you at a really good rate. I am so glad that they made that decision, because fast forward nearly 26 years from when we moved into that house. That was 3 weeks ago, I still think about my childhood home and it does make me sad that I will never step foot inside there again. Plus it means that we will have lots of fun making new family memories, this time with my own children too.
Based on the animated TV programme currently showing on Nick Jr and Channel 5’s Milkshake, Vivid has launched a selection of toys and games based around the charming and madcap world of Tickety Toc.
Based in the town of Tickety, the series revolves around twins Tommy and Tallulah as they race against time to keep the Tickety Toc Clock ticking.
From the moment I de-packaged this toy (believe me, this took a long time!) Millie was desperate to start playing! Both Chester and Millie loved exploring the the Clockhouse Playset, Chester at age 5 was more understanding of the way the cog worked to open the Chime Time, but Millie (who is 22 months) loved opening the door with the key once Chester showed her how. Until recently I was not aware of Canterbury Sheepskin, they are a New Zealand based footwear company that deliver to the UK.
Canterbury Sheepskin footwear, apparel and accessories are proudly made in New Zealand by Canterbury Leather International Ltd. Sheepskin has the unique ability of being warm in winter and cool in the summer months due to it’s moisture absorbing qualities. I have never owned anything made out Sheepskin so I was looking forward to seeing if the keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer really worked!

I love that these slippers have a hard sole, meaning I can wear them whilst in the garden or putting the rubbish out!
But our inseparable heroes, Tommy and Tallulah, come to the rescue with a plan to save Christmas as they gather up all the presents and use McCoggins’ balloon to deliver them to everyone in Tickety Town. Well I will admit that I have had a sneak preview of this episode and it is just as fun as it sounds!
Seeing as the deadline is 6th December I thought we'd better get a move on! So after School on Monday we sat down and discussed the letters. I remember lots of things from my early childhood, from getting sat on the naughty chair at Nursery School (aged 2) to sucking up paint through a straw when I was meant to be blow painting (also at Nursery School but a year or so down the line).
I remember going with my Mum to ask all the neighbours and neighbouring roads if anyone wanted to do a swap or knew anyone that was looking to swap. But we have been down to visit my parents new home, a lovely apartment by the sea, and it is perfect for them. Through their madcap adventures they explore concepts of teamwork, social responsibility and problem solving along with their friends, including Hopparoo, McCoggins and Pufferty. Both children found it a little hard to sit Tommy and Tallulah into Pufferty as you had to bend them into sitting position and angle them in. Since it’s inception in 1974, the company has developed a reputation both locally and internationally of having a brand which is synonymous with luxury, comfort and sustainability. Canterbury Sheepskin products are carefully hand crafted allowing for greater quality control and continuity in their manufacture. There is so much to watch on the planes nowadays that Chester barely moved the whole flight, whilst Millie was happy to watch Smurfs 2 on repeat for almost the entire journey!
Something I remember clearly from my childhood is sending off my films in a yellow envelope to Truprint. I know how excited Mum and Dad were to be moving and there was no way I was going to ruin that excitement. Having had playsets with tracks before and being disappointed in the sturdiness, I was pleasantly surprised at how well made, thick and sturdy this track was.
Luckily their faithful friend, Pufferty the Puppy Dog Train is on hand to help and combined with some Magic Christmas Sparkle Dust he believes he can fly, but will it be enough to save Christmas in Tickety Town? I am also glad we decided to take them at the ages they are (5 and 22months) they both enjoyed it in different ways and we were able to please everyone! We had some very sad news on the first day of our holiday, my Nan had passed away.
The previous occupier had left behind a very old metal framed rocking horse that was half missing its plastic head.

But I am very pleased for my parents because they have been able to make their dreams a reality, they have sold the house and move to Dorset to live by the sea. Chester and Millie spend the whole time pulling faces at Nannan and Grangrad, they respond by pulling faces back! Each piece of track had a letter on the bottom of it helping to coordinate with the instructions.
So it was a very sad first few days for my Mum and I, but the Children helped make us smile. It was their elderly relative that lived in a house around the corner from us and he was finding the stairs difficult so a ground floor flat would be ideal for him.
They had removal men moving the boxes into the lorry, and as the morning went by my childhood home was beginning to look less like a home and more like a shell. So this letter is a massive improvement! Next it was Millie's turn, I am sure at the age of 23 months she has no real idea of what is going on.
The first time Millie met Rapunzel and the first time Chester rode Splash Mountain will never be forgotten. I chose to upload from my computer because I wanted the picture to be of the original high quality. The more I thought about that the more I knew she was right, this house was no longer our home and it didn't feel like it either. She really loves the film Bolt so that was no real surprise, but sadly apart from the Bolt plush (which she has) there is no merchandise to buy. Looking back at my post about writing to Father Christmas last year I can see that Chester has asked for the same thing! With the Truprint bots saying that it was not high enough quality so would come out grainy.
There are two things that I would change and they are the gap around the edges and the corners.
The corners are very sharp, I would be concerned to have this in my house incase the children ran into it.

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