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Author: admin, 24.08.2014
Accidentally knocked the audio jack that was plugged into my laptop, enough to bend it slightly. One company stood out amongst domestic hi-fi manufacturers with this goal in mind: Meridian.
The Meridian gear was bought from Unilet in Maidstone (still there, but under a different name, I think). I basically tried to detect the lowest amplitude signal I could hear at a set of spot frequencies.
The switch mode power supply and the reel motor amplifiers are mounted on a fold out rear panel. Whichever solution is chosen, there are some important considerations that are common to all of these. That said, it isn't exactly a turnkey solution, and I can quite understand people who want one of those.
What has never been available before is the level of availability and convenience we have today.
This should not be confused with "high resolution" audio (although I, for one, find the naming confusing). Take a look at the new Stems feature, allowing you to remix, cut up and create fills on the fly using any individual element of the track. Laptop-based DJs are already excited about the forthcoming release of the new Native Instruments D2 DJ Controller.

Yesterday (Thursday 26th March), techno artist Uner showcased for the first time the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2, at this year’s Winter Music Conference in Miami.
It pretty much looks like one-third of the Traktor Kontrol S8, released to much acclaim by Native Instruments last year. One noticeable difference are the four buttons above FX Select, which, according to the DJWorx website, seems to suggest four deck control for the D2. Another interesting feature DJWorx pointed out, is that the screen displays stacked waveforms, which fits perfectly with the four deck feature. Please note, 95% of orders are sent using our tracked next day service, on occasion we will send using royal mail on a 2-3 day service.
We have temporarily suspended processing of EUR payments, all orders will be charged in GBP.
But now when I plug it into the laptop the sound comes out really badly, and a lot of buzzing comes out the speakers. Glitch up the drums without affecting the rest of the track or do a slow filter build up on the vocal alone while the rest of the song plays. His live performance took place at Red Bull’s Guest House and offered a first-glimpse at the new DJ controller from Native. Therefore it's safe to say that it should have many features similar to what we've seen on the S8: the D2 features eight colour-coded pads, which on the S8 are used for live remixing, for instance.
This seems like a great idea for those who are not convinced by the size of a Traktor Kontrol S8 (which is excellent, of course!) and make us think the Traktor Kontrol D2 will be one of the hottest DJ products this year!

It offers an extraordinary amount of features at a very competitive price - this is the controller DJs have been waiting for! If I push slightly on the jack in downwards direction (perpendicular to the socket) while it's plugged in, the sound comes out normally.
Later during the evening, as the number of people in the cubical farm go down, Jack transforms into a musical rock-star dying to share his musical taste and collection to the whole wide world. By getting rid of the mixer element of the S8, Native Instruments will be giving you more flexibility - and at a more affordable price! Many of the everyday tasks performed by professional workers are done in the serial processing center of the left brain. Music will not interfere particularly with this work, since it's the brain's holistic right side that digests music.
You, dear reader, are free to pick music, if you are still not convinced, but if you do pick music over silence, do me a favor.
Be a nice citizen of the developer community, think about being considerate to your fellow developers who may not share the same opinion as you. You are not a radio station and unless we tell  you so, we are not interested in listening to songs you want to make us listen today.

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