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SRS Premium Sound brings out rich sounds and nuances buried in recorded or streamed multimedia content to create a more natural surround-sound experience. Get all the power and nuance of the cinema, all the immediacy of live performance—right from your PC. Advanced patented technologies deliver 3D audio and immersive sound across any speaker configuration. Find out where the Agent of the Nine set up shop and what exotic gear Xur is offering to the Destiny community this weekend.
Dre and Interscope Record’s Jimmy Iovine, HP has engineered the Beats Audio system to bring out all the sounds musicians and producers have perfected in the studio.

Listen through headphones, your laptop speakers or a connected home theater to bring your music, movies and games to life.
Email * Look at that powerful bug Team Celestial Hunters have always had pretty terrible Hearthstone Legendaries.
Find out what little we know about Destiny: Rise Of Iron, the new Destiny expansion expected to debut later this year. It’s like Feign Death but not terrible.Princess Mononoke, I mean Princess Huhuran gets even better when you start thinking of the crazy combos you will soon be able to pull off. With all the old Deathrattle minions leaving us when the format changes, Hunter is going to need to find new minions to abuse.N’zoth the Corrupter is going to be the big guy on campus in Hunter decks.

Watch the video from Rovio to see how this strike against common moviegoing civility will work.

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