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Women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) shortly before their periods tend to experience some or even all of the following: mood swings, distended abdomen, headaches, back pain, food cravings, fatigue, irritability and depression.
It is thought that three-quarters of menstruating women experience some degree of PMS, and it is women in their late 20s to early 40s who are likely to suffer most.
The cause of PMS is naturally assumed to be the hormonal changes that take place during the monthly menstrual cycle, which can then be exacerbated by stress, a lack of serotonin in the brain, and subluxations in the low back.
Chiropractic care cannot remedy the hormonal changes that precede menstruation, but certain studies have shown that it can help to reduce many of the symptoms of PMS, with the added benefit of your avoiding prescription drugs. View This BreakthroughElisa has suffered from chronic sinus and ear infections for a majority of her life, which has also effected her immune system.
First things first, there are different types of ear infections and these differ from earaches.
Because the tubes are flat and very small in a new born, a lot more fluid stays in the tubes than in older kids.
If you live in the Quad Cities and need a good Chiropractor for your baby, give me a call and we can get them checked out. Being disillusioned with the lack of help from my doctor, having chiropractic has been a godsend.
Given me confidence that I am treating my back well and that if anything is going wrong I'll know about it early. Mel takes the time to explain what the likely problem is and the impact this has, whilst going through her investigations. I felt confident with Rebecca from the first and knew instinctively that I would have good results. Meriel Davis, associate chiropractor at Back 2 Balance, Hove, has a keen interest in helping people alleviate their sporting injuries, especially those in the knees and shoulders.
We all know that chiropractic can be very effective for back pain…however it can also be very effective for extremity injuries as well. One of the reasons why rotator cuff injuries are so common is that the shoulder is a very mobile joint. Shoulder mobilisation, soft tissue release on the rotator cuff muscles, mid back and neck treatment are some of the treatment modalities chiropractic can incorporate into treatments. Our award winning Hove clinic has been treating families in the Brighton, Hove, and Sussex areas for over 25 years, offering chiropractic care for all ages by our highly trained Doctors of Chiropractic. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
The severity of these symptoms varies greatly, from mildly inconvenienced to grab-an-AK-47, and they may last anything from a couple of days to two weeks. This is because the tissues in the lower abdomen are regulated by the nerves that exit the lower spine, therefore chiropractic care to alleviate any unnecessary pressure or irritation on these can help make a positive difference.

After receiving Corrective Chiropractic Care, he feels more energetic and his lactose intolerance problems have gone away. By recieving Chiropractic Care Ted is now free of the pains and aches that he has been experiencing. The child is uncomfortable and may be unable to communicate what is going on to their parent.
Acute otitis media is the clinical term for fluid build up in the inner ear that has caused inflammation and swelling. Before ear infections can happen, viruses and bacteria have to be present in order to replicate and cause a noticeable infection. The main reason is that the tube that drains fluid away from the inner ear (the eustachian tube) is much flatter when we are born. If your child is under the age of 6 months, and there are signs of ear inflammation, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. So thinking about the problem of ear infections from a preventative standpoint, the two main causes we want to address are tube orientation and hygiene.
This often causes the occiput (the bone at the back of your skull) to become subluxated (slight bone mis-alignment) in a downward fashion. If you don’t live in the Quad Cities, I recommend that you call around to your local Chiropractors and see if they treat newborns and toddlers, and then make an appointment.
One of the most common extremity injuries we see here at Back 2 Balance is rotator cuff injuries (i.e. Their function is to stabilise the shoulder joint on moving but ofcourse to also move the arm bone itself. Once the shoulder function has improved a series of shoulder strengthening exercises are normally prescribed to help keep the area functioning properly. I have seen lots of practitioners in my time for shoulder treatment and from that I know what it feels like to have a rotator cuff injury and what it feels like to get it treated and subsequently get better from it. Immunity is our key to keeping dis-ease at bay, therefore we need to look after this system as best we can with food and supplements, especially at the change of seasons, namely winter, when the bodies defences can be down. We offer clients their own private treatment rooms and pride ourselves on our friendly but professional approach.
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Parents may not know what is going on with their little one, especially if the little one cannot talk yet. This is often thought to be caused by backed up fluid creating a breeding ground for bacteria. This typically occurs when a child has a viral infection and is creating an excess amount of mucus.

This is the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Because the rest of your head sits on your occiput, the tube on the subluxated side will also be lower aka: flatter.
A very common symptom of a rotator cuff injury is an inability to lift the arm out to the side, pain on putting a coat on or pain when sleeping on that side at night. By getting the problem sorted from the route upwards there is no need to have a steroid injection or even surgery in many cases. This creates a stressful environment filled with crying (sometimes by both the child and the parents), worry, and often sleepless nights. A watch and wait approach is taken in this situation because antibiotics cannot help with viral infections. This creates an excess amount of fluid in the sinuses that can lead to the breeding ground of bacteria.
When this happens, the tube becomes more oriented in a downward fashion and the ear drains better. So now that we know that flat tubes and hygiene play an important role in ear infections, let’s take a look at common treatments.
If your child only gets ear infections on one side, chances are that their occiput is out of alignment. This is why I recommend that all newborns get checked by a Chiropractor as soon after delivery as possible. A Mother’s breast-milk contains antibodies (different than antibiotics) that help fight off infection in the newborn. What starts off as a simple problem can often lead to a more complex issue where the original injury sight is not so obvious. Children 6 months to two years old are recommended a watchful waiting period of 72 hours to see if the problem resolves on its own.
A gentle Chiropractic adjustment by your local Chiropractor can properly align the occiput and also help to orient the eustachian tube properly. Between 70%-85% of acute otitis media infections are bacterial with the other 15%-30% being viral.
But little things like clean hands, breastfeeding, and getting checked by a Chiropractor can prevent a lot of pain, crying and sleepless nights.

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