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Blow it off, especially if you're not feeling up to it because of soreness or exhaustion from a previous sweat session. Look, you know we'll tell you a healthy breakfast (low in fat, high in fiber and protein) is ideal. Though your every day struggles are extremely tough, these are more overwhelming because you’re not used to them and you don’t know what to do. Because you were on antibiotics for a sinus infection, which was half the reason your week was so bad. Cause like, you’re best friend is getting married and you probably shouldn’t be fat anymore. There are only so many times I can watch seasons 1 and 2 of Bob’s Burgers before my boyfriend leaves me. By the time you roll up to the party, you'll be ravenous and likely to surrender to a tray of greasy apps.
You've probably heard that sipping through one protects teeth from nasty brown coffee stains. The health boost you get from, say, unwashed plums, apricots or berries outweighs your risk for exposure to pesticides. Unless you two are close, speaking up assumes a level of familiarity that she may not be comfortable with, says Jacqueline Whitmore, founding director of The Protocol School of Palm Beach.
Shaving can be risky, since most people go against the grain of the hair for a smoother line. If you do it regularly (at work, etc.), you could be risking a urinary tract infection, especially if you're prone to them.
If you chocolate-bombed with a jumbo cupcake or binged on empty-carb chips, get that blood sugar back to normal. Rinsing someone's brush in hot water won't fully protect you germwise; the bristles can still harbor bacteria, and you could pick up the flu or a bug your buddy's not even feeling yet. While there's no conclusive human research showing artificial sweeteners cause major health issues such as cancer, downing them frequently has been associated with weight gain, possibly because they may increase hunger and cravings: People who drank more than three artificially sweetened drinks a day were about twice as likely to later become obese, a study conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio found. If your only option is that office restroom soap, it could leave skin feeling like sandpaper. But if the cotton is exposed, it may have germs that can lead to toxic shock syndrome, a rare but potentially lethal reaction to bacterial toxins.
Flip-flops are dangerous driving shoes: They can slip off the pedals and get caught underneath while your foot is still on top, making it hard to press or release the brake or gas. Using over-the-counter painkillers such as Tylenol or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Advil or Aleve for occasional headaches is totally OK. Alcohol inhibits a hormone that lets the kidneys absorb water—the more you drink, the less water your body can use, and the more liquid you'll lose by peeing it out. Antihistamines like Benadryl do make you drowsy, but they also dry up mucous membranes, which are vital for keeping your immune system healthy. DEET has a bad rep, but the Environmental Protection Agency says it's safe (as long as you're not a newborn, notes the American Academy of Pediatrics).
A shoddy pair of cheap lenses can end up causing more damage than squinting through the rays does. One caveat: It is smart to say something if you know she's heading somewhere important, like a meeting with her boss. You may think you'll eat healthy once you get home, but you'll likely rip into the chips anyway, since alcohol lowers inhibitions. These creepy crawlers can cause infections like the dreaded UTI and skin irritations—and no, turning panties inside out doesn't help.

It's a myth that daily sudsing increases oil production in the sebaceous glands at the roots, upping hair's grease factor, says Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist at Philip Kingsley. You'll feel foggy when you wake up from that snooze, but after 10 minutes it should fade long enough to get you through most of the day. So although the floor isn't ideal, it's better than getting those germs near stuff that's going into your mouth. And a hungry, restless night makes for next-day grogginess, which could have you desperately reaching for more calories for energy.
But if you're getting a lot of headaches and you've been downing pills more than a few times a week to try to treat them, the meds could actually be causing the pain. Cocktails like your margarita can pack lots of alcohol—there's no controlling a generous bartender's pour. You might have heard holding it causes urinary tract infections, but that's only if you do it all the time, she says.
And anyway, to really sleep better, you're going to have to deal with the underlying issue, like poor nighttime habits or stress, Dr.
Grab the plain glazed (260 calories) and have it with a small nonfat capp (80 calories) or plain skim milk; the protein will counter the blood sugar spike and dip that doughnut is bound to trigger.
For a preparty meal that will give you stamina, have a half sandwich (like turkey and avocado on whole-grain bread) with a fiber-rich vegetable soup or side salad, says Zied.
Most poorly made sun specs have little ultraviolet protection—just darkened shades, which can trick your pupils into dilating and letting in more damaging rays. If there's no sink in sight, Lunder suggests minimizing risk with peelable fruit, like grapefruit and kiwi, which are on the EWG's Clean 15 list.
Even if a friend is sharing her fitness goals on Facebook, stick to a compliment-only route, such as "Wow, you're looking great," Rosenberg recommends. Postshower is a good time to get all that gunk out, since the warm moisture loosens things up.
In "the more, the better" thinking, this sounds tempting, but that much boostage can mess with your blood pressure. Wash hands, blob toothpaste onto finger and "brush" along gums and over teeth in a tiny circular motion. Go commando in soft, loose clothing (that means no jeans!) to avoid chafing, and be extra cautious in skirts (for those Britney moments). And although shampoo with sulfates can be drying, conditioner will make up for the moisture loss. Some soaps contain detergents that strip skin of vital moisture, causing dryness and irritation.
And you might want to wipe down your bag once a week (or anytime you've put it on a germ hot spot, like the floor or a bathroom counter) with sanitizing wipes.
As for eating a full meal right before bed, you might have heard that it makes you more likely to store the calories as fat because you're not awake and actively burning them. Concealer is better, but unless yours is made for acne, use it only in a pinch—going the heavy-cover-up route regularly can clog pores and cause more breakouts.
And anything more than a light snack within an hour of hitting the gym could be a recipe for nausea or cramps—and that will just cut your workout short. If you're always eating on the fly, stock up on healthy portables like Kind bars and nonfat Greek yogurt.
Then it will be much easier to stick to one or two little treats come party time—along with a glass of wine, of course. Drop the news on February 15, and you'll have to answer for why you went through the motions.

Down a decongestant-expectorant combo, avoid dairy, and use saline spray to breathe easier, Dr. In fact, infrequent washing (skipping three or more days) can lead to flaking, itching or hair loss. To degrease, pat shiny areas with toilet paper or a tissue, then refresh makeup on top of what's there. However, alcohol lowers willpower, and you may still want to pig out, which sets you up for scale angst. We like CleanWell To-Go Disinfectant Wipes, which are botanically based and safe on most leathers and fabrics. Your best bet: Keep an over-the-counter 1 percent hydrocortisone cream on hand and apply a drop to shrink the bump about an hour before you have to show your face in public. Experts aren't sure why they happen, but it could be that overusing the pills affects the way nerves receive pain messages from the brain. So if those cute cat's-eye sunnies don't have a sticker clearly touting that 400 number, pick up a cheap straw or cotton wide-brimmed hat. Occasional straw sipping isn't so bad, but for your daily java routine, remove the lid, sip from the cup and brush with a whitening toothpaste after.
Buy organic: You'll reduce your exposure to pesticides that can be absorbed inside the fruit as well.
Just let shaving cream soften the skin and hair for two to three minutes, and rinse the blade after each swipe so you're cutting hairs, not dragging them. That said, going to bed stuffed isn't a great idea, since you could wind up with sleep-disrupting heartburn or indigestion. Then, before you head out, apply an acne-specific concealer that contains salicylic acid, sulfur or benzoyl peroxide. If that's what seems to be going on, stop taking the drugs: The rebound effect should fade over a few weeks (though it may get worse before it gets better). If you still wind up popping a pill three or four nights a week for the first month, it's OK, but after that you should be able to quit. If you can't deal with the chemical smell, products with oil of lemon eucalyptus can deter bugs, too. If either applies and you're hungry, snack on carbs with protein and a little fat (like whole-grain crackers with nut butter) for easy-to-digest fuel. But if food frenzies are a habit, consider what's going on (waited too long to eat?) and plan better.
If you're in a no-blow situation, like a meeting, swallowing won't make a cold last longer, contrary to popular belief.
Don't keep spooning; try diet-friendly add-ons like unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. Plus, for some people, using NSAIDs daily for more than two weeks or so raises the risk for kidney problems and stomach ulcers—either of which would be much worse than a little temple throbbing. You can get nasty, disease-causing germs from a bathroom-door handle, though, so grab it with toilet paper and use sanitizer post-pee. All that said, if you rely on alcohol to unwind, it may signal a deeper problem: Avoid the booze and have a 150-calorie sweet treat.

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