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Author: admin, 03.03.2014
Police Constable Paul Glover with the Ministry of Defence police department at RAF Mildenhall checks the level of tint on the car of Melissa McKenzie at the main gate of RAF Mildenhall, England. Six couples came to this retreat in Virginia because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had wreaked havoc on their lives and relationships.
An EgyptAir jetliner en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 people aboard swerved wildly in flight and crashed in the Mediterranean Sea early Thursday, authorities said. Boys, girls in grades 8-12 can attend event scheduled to be attended by coaches from about a dozen colleges.
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3M puts the dye logos only on their upper level tint films to ensure the customer actually gets the tint film they paid for {nothing worse than paying for a high end film then have a dishonest installer use a cheaper film to pocket the extra $$$$} When I had 3m Crystalline film installed, the installer showed me the logos to prove I actually got the film I paid for, then used a cotton ball saturated with alcohol to remove them in less than 1 minute.
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They are independent publications and are not affiliated with or endorsed by Nissan or Infiniti. I know there's a couple threads on tinting but I couldn't really find any posts that mentioned interior color.
I live in Oklahoma, and from what I understand the cops here aren't too bad about tint being too dark.
Authorities in Suffolk County are conducting a 30-day amnesty program to allow people with excessively tinted windows to get them checked free of penalty.
But ita€™s hard to beat an a€?auto-freea€? day, when a normally busy highway is shut down to motorized traffic, and cyclists, skaters and hikers come out in the tens of thousands.
I know the interior can effect how dark the tint looks so I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations on how dark to get my windows tinted? I have this setup on my car, except with 18% rear (Suntek Carbon) and the rear windshield is 5% (installer ran out of 18%, oh well).
Glover found McKenzie's window tint to be too dark and above the legal limit of 30 percent tint.

The law states that trucks and minivans qualify but it would depend on the interpretation of the law as to what others apply (what rbrthwrd said). Ragged is probably right though assuming he does inspections, which is implied by his posts. Pictures (from inside and outside if possible!) would help a lot as well if you have the same color combination as me! The windshield and front side windows must allow light to pass through at 75 percent and 70 percent, respectively.
The place I'm getting them tinted (sun stoppers in Charlotte) does all the Hendrick BMWs here and they put 35% on them and they're rather dark.

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