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There's nothing you don't share with your best friend: secrets, Netflix accounts and even the last slice of pizza. That's why we've teamed up with Iconery, the online marketplace every jewelry obsessive has to know about, to give away the 14K gold Best Friends Heart necklace set—worth $825! Every year, the Utah Pride Center—based in Salt Lake City—holds the Utah Pride Festival, an event that empowers and brings together the entire state to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Voted one of the top LGBT-friendly cities in Michigan and the United States, this college town, home to Michigan State University, is perfect for someone looking for a small city to live in that is also accepting of who they are. Every year Lansing celebrates the LGBTQ+ community with Michigan Pride, held by the organization of the same name whose mission is to educate and provide outreach and support to those in the LGBTQ+ community in Michigan. This city likes to call itself the “epicenter of the LGBT South” with a strong and vibrant LGBTQ+ community. If you’re moving to the city to start your life, there isn’t a specific neighborhood in Atlanta that is labeled the “gay neighborhood.” You can feel comfortable settling down throughout the city without ending up being the only queer person on the block.
The capital city of the Land of the Free is very accepting of people from all walks of life. With a sizable amount of the population identifying as LGBTQ+, nearly 10 percent, you will fit right in.
Although this city is not exactly financially realistic for people just starting out, it would be a great place to visit as a queer woman. According to Vocativ, Honolulu has a large percentage of LGBTQ+ adults, while also having absolutely no hate crimes reported! When living in New Orleans, your best bets for a queer-friendly neighborhood have to be Faubourg Marigny, Bywater, Mid City and the French Quarter. The city, like most, celebrates Pride every June but also celebrates Southern Decandence every Labor Day weekend to honor the LGBTQ+ community.
These are just six of many queer-friendly cities across the nation, not to mention those around the globe. Ever wonder what it's like to drive a car filled with the charismatic members of One Direction? Many die-hard One Directioners have only ever dreamed of being thisclose to the boys, but Corden has given us the next best thing. In the 13 minute video, we not only get to hear the boy band sing along to an impressive selection of their hit singles, but Corden joins them as an honorary fifth member, leaving us to be all, "Zayn, who?" From the matching denim shirts—meant to give 1D that true boy band look—to Corden's hilarious choreography for "No Control," we've never been more sure that this whole break idea is oh so wrong, a sentiment that Corden seconds throughout the video. When he's not begging to join 1D or lamenting the band's upcoming hiatus, Corden asks Niall which celebs he would sleep with, take on a cruise or marry.
This story explores the horror that can occur when authorities don’t believe rape survivors: More victims, ruined lives, lasting trauma and criminals on the loose. Just a month ago, the University of Missouri faced protests from 30 black football players who refused to show up until, a few days later, President Tim Wolfe resigned.
This legislation comes at a time of racial tension on campuses, particularly University of Missouri, and the resulting peaceful protests against racism. However, Brattin dropped the bill and is instead hopeful that it will continue to foster conversation “on what I believe is an extremely important topic," said Brattin. Remember college, when you could go out Friday night, stay out as late as you wanted and still be able to wake up Saturday morning? Ashley*, a graduette living in Boston, explains the differences she noticed after drinking in college compared to the effects she feels now.
Hangovers happen because alcohol dehydrates you—which in turn causes the headaches and general misery you feel the morning after. Sarah*, a college grad now living in New York City, noticed her metabolism gradually slowing over the last couple years. If you want to prevent a headache in the morning, you need to hydrate before and while you drink alcohol.
After a night of drinking, you need to keep hydrating your body, even if you had plenty of water while out. Although you’re right in avoiding greasy foods (they may be too heavy and make nausea and vomiting that much worse), eating after you drink can help prevent hangovers.
Until there’s a magic pill that can cure hangovers, the only true cure is time, since your body needs it to make a full recovery. With all her work as a LGBTQ+ rights activist, a chart-topping pop star, and an acclaimed, Golden Globe-nominated role in the latest season of American Horror Story, Lady Gaga was, in our opinion, a natural choice for Billboard’s 2015 Woman of the Year.
She went on to detail just how difficult it can be to be taken seriously as a female artist. Following the announcement of Gaga’s award, she gave a candid interview with Billboard, in which she addressed sexism and ageism in the industry, as well as the importance of art and creative expression in her life. As she’s matured, the 29-year-old has learned to make her career choices for no one but herself.
Whether you need a last-minute gift for your big, your little or just your bestie who happens to be in a sorority, Her Campus has you covered. These banners are so precious and so affordable that you should really just buy one for every sorority girl you know. No sorority girl's life is complete without monograms and seersucker prints, that's just a fact of life.
These super clever packs come with everything your friend needs to craft her little heart away, all in her sorority's colors and including her chapter's symbols!
If ya girl isn't the crafty type, she'll probably love this custom-made canvas—we definitely do!
This staple of Greek-wear is available for most sororities and in tons of gorge colors and designs.

If your friend likes a fresh start in the new year, this planner will ship her from January to December with the wind in her sails. Choose a necklace from silver, gold or rose gold and engrave it with your friend's name, sorority or even "big" or "little"—she will cherish it forever. This cute pouch contains the solution to every possible outfit mishap (like double-sided tape and a mini sewing kit).
Finally, if this gift is for one of your own sorority sisters, this pillow is sure to please her—and make her living space look beautiful. Maybe you were a straight-A honor student in high school, with the occasional B or C in a really tough class.
If you’re in this position, the first thing you need to do is breathe, take a step back from the situation and decide on a plan of action to get yourself back on track to academic success. After a great semester (or high school career) of earning high grades, it can be tempting to challenge yourself and take several difficult classes in one term. You can probably think about literally anything you’d rather do than dedicate several extra hours a week to the class that makes you cringe more and more each time you check your grade.
Click through for 17 delightful, delicate, dainty rings that are guaranteed to play nice with your jewelry box (and your credit card).
If the thought of hunting down several stacking rings sounds tedious, just buy this set and you’re good to go!
It’s not easy to wear a two-fingered ring without looking like a street fighter, but this is totally an exception. The duo-colored rhinestones and rose gold band make this ring a total conversation-starter.
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Founded by the ultimate dream team—business maven Ivka Adam and Andrea Linett, a longtime powerhouse in the fashion industry—Iconery is the kind of cool, female-run company you need to support. One of the most important aspects for a queer woman moving to a new place is to ensure that this city is accepting of LGBTQ+ people.
The LGBTQ+ population can be found in several neighborhoods, such as Mountain West, Sugar House, and the Avenues, so you don’t have to stick to one specific neighborhood in the city. If you’re over 21, the city has a great party scene with inclusive bars and nightlife around the city. Whether you want to move to a queer-friendly city for college or want to move post-grad, D.C. With a thriving theater and music scene, you won’t ever have to find something to do each night. So if you want to visit the city for some fun and want to beach it by day and party by night, you can enjoy the gorgeous sandy beaches and active nightlife throughout Honolulu. There are over 19,000 queer people living in New Orleans and tons of things to do every day to meet them. Although more expensive than the rest of the state, you will find it cheaper than a lot of other places on both coasts.
There are so many more places to go exploring and possibly even live—the possibilities are endless!
We can almost guarantee that 1D fans are pretty much melting into puddles of lust and laughter after watching the latest installment of The Late, Late Show's Carpool Karaoke series. Start your break with an amazing story from ProPublica and The Marshall Project, two powerhouses of investigative journalism. One day, she called the police and her foster parents, telling them she had been horrifically raped by a stranger who broke into her home. It’s also a great example of how reporting on rape should be done—A counterexample to Rolling Stone’s huge errors when writing about rape at UVA. The importance of the athletes to the university was probably a huge factor in making the protests successful—Their refusal to play could have cost the university over $1 million if the team had actually had to foreit a game, according to the New York Times. It also comes in the wake of racist threats made on Yik Yak, and the resurgence of the Supreme Court battle over affirmative action. Those frat parties, formals and tailgates are suddenly replaced with the occasional glass of wine with dinner or casual drinks with friends. Peter Martin, director of the Vanderbilt Addiction Center at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. As you age, your body retains less water, so the aftermath of a night of heavy drinking gets that much worse. Reid Blackwelder, board chair of the American Academy of Family Physicians, “A lot of older people are borderline dehydrated. Since alcohol dehydrates you, you should alternate every other drink with a glass of water—you’ll thank yourself in the a.m. Try a wine spritzer—a mix of club soda and wine (it’s best with a citrusy wine such as sauvignon blanc) with a twist of lime tastes good and will help prevent that hangover.
The most important vitamin you need to replenish is Vitamin B12, as it is necessary for metabolizing alcohol.
Have something with electrolytes: Sports drinks, fruit juice or coconut water will jump-start the recovery process and keep you hydrated.
Stick with salty foods; they help you retain moisture by restoring the levels of sodium and water in your body, which will help metabolize and flush out toxins, which in turn helps you feel better in the morning.
However, while it may seem like alcohol puts you right to bed, it can actually be disruptive to your sleep cycle. These tips, however, are the best ways to help speed up the recovery process and fight that hangover if (or when) it does come.

Gaga is known for speaking out against all sorts of prejudices and injustices, and her acceptance speech for the award was no exception.
She hired a new manager this year, and is now much happier with the direction things are going.
Check out our selection of beautiful presents for each one of your friends up and down the row.
No matter how much blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into doing your best in this class, you can’t seem to master the material or save your grade and you’re failing the class. To help you do this, we’ve compiled a list of the six most important dos and don’ts for when you’re faced with a failing grade at any point during the semester. Everything from your work schedule to family life and more can impact your ability to keep up with the classes you picked months earlier. However, if you’re already past the grace period your college gives and you’re failing exams and quizzes, it’s important to know that you have many resources, including your academic advisor, professor, TA and campus tutoring offices, and that they can provide assistance and support for you if you’re struggling. Together, the duo sources coveted pieces from designers around the world, partnering with some of the most celebrated artists in the industry as well as supporting up-and-comers.
But if you aren’t into partying, or simply want to meet new people in a less hectic way, there are several queer-friendly businesses across the city that hold LGBTQ+ specific events where you can mingle and meet other queer people in the area. If you want to keep active, there are also a lot of LGBT sports leagues where you can break a sweat and meet people with similar interests.
The LGBTQ+ celebrations and nightlife are not your average parties—with no open container laws and bars that do not close, you can live it up to your heart's content. At first police investigated, but then they came to believe she was lying—and charged her with the crime of false reporting.
Now when you go out, you hardly have the energy to reach over and hit snooze on your alarm the next morning, much less actually get out of bed. They have less body water just from the natural effects of aging.” And, unfortunately, your metabolism begins to slow down in your 20s, which causes your liver and kidney function to decrease.
By taking Vitamin B12 supplements before going out, you’re preparing your body to break down the products of alcohol and help get rid of those terrible toxins in your system. Be sure to avoid acetaminophen (Tylenol)—combined with alcohol, it can be damaging to your liver. Now, you’re probably not heading to the nearest 24-hour fast food restaurant to fill up on chili cheese fries after a night out.
Try a bowl of soup; it’s easy to make no matter how tired you are and isn’t heavy enough to make you feel even more sick. Even if you feel exhausted, you’re not getting quality sleep, and for some, it can be hard to sleep in late after a night out drinking.
You may not be able to drink like you did during your college days (and you probably don’t want to, either!), but getting older doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have a few drinks and enjoy yourself. That’s why colleges usually give somewhere around a two-week grace period for you to change your schedule with no repercussions.
Sara Ott, a junior at University of Wyoming explains how she had to learn this from experience.
You're not just getting the best in jewelry, though—you're getting jewelry made just for you.
We all know the major cities throughout the country are queer-friendly, but really, how realistic (and financially plausible) is it to move to a city such as New York or Los Angeles when you’re just starting out? If partying isn't your thing, there are plenty of other things to enjoy around the city, such as theater, music and other events specifically for queer women. This is because the less alcohol you consume, the less accustomed your body is to it, so when you do go out drinking, the resulting headaches and nausea are that much worse. Likewise, in college, I could drink whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted and be able to go out again the next night; maybe just with a slight headache.
Although you shouldn’t rely on ibuprofen every time you drink, if you have a splitting headache when you wake up, it should do the trick. Just learn how to take care of yourself before and after the fact, and you’ll still be able to get up the next morning and have a productive day. It’s a big mistake to just go after the money to try to stay on top,” she explained. “I think that’s what everyone wanted me to do. The semester started normally enough, with that one extra-challenging class that you knew you’d have to work your ass off in just to pass.
This means that if after a few classes you still feel like your physics professor is speaking a different language when she’s explaining the Theory of Relativity, you can drop the class and find a tutor for next term, when you have the time to invest in doing well in the class.
And don't miss Corden's fab freestyle rap to "Drag Me Down." It's beyond adorable and reason enough to make him a full-time member of the band. Usually, a semester of office hours, tutoring and hours of studying pays off and against all odds you earn your way to a passing grade. The best part is that if you drop the class during this time, it won’t show up on your transcript! I kept telling myself I needed to get help (from my professor, campus tutoring, something!) but never sought it out because I was a scared and nervous freshman.
I didn't even know dropping classes was an option because I didn't get help from my advisor! Obviously this was a huge learning experience for me, but it's probably my biggest regret in college so far,” Sydney says.

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