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Author: admin, 27.10.2014
MIGRAINE MUMBLESThere are many migraine triggers which include, foods, physical exertion, hormonal imbalances, environmental factors, and many more but the most common is dental issues. TMJ SufferersMany people in North America have experienced some form of TMJ at some point in their lives.
We first will find the position of the jaw where the muscles are in their most relaxed position. A large number of people who have TMJ will experience constant pain in the jaw joints, teeth, face, head, neck, shoulders and back. They may also experience congestion and ringing in the ears, as well as bouts of vertigo (dizziness). Women generally report a higher incidence of TMJ, but damage to the bone, teeth and gums can occur in both men and women. Once we have found this relaxed position, we then will work to correct the "bad bite" by restoring the teeth to place the jaws in the "happy muscle" position.

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