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A first time site visit will allow us to evaluate the zoning requirements for your particular location. During the design phase, our designers, with the customers’ input, produce a rendering of the proposed sign. For the installation process, we make every effort to quickly install your new sign so as to minimize disruption to your business. We are here to make a modern, brand-oriented sign with your vision in mind, plus a knack for knowing what sells.
They are constructed out of aluminum or brick and are LED-illuminated, non-illuminated or exterior-illuminated.

You will see your idea take shape in the form of size details, lettering-style choices, materials and types of illumination.
Our experienced fabricators use only the highest quality materials when fabricating your sign, assuring that your new sign will last for years to come. We’ll keep you on the cusp of new trends, a variety of styles and timeless sign techniques and strategies.
Often used to promote individual businesses as well as multiple businesses on one display, they can be a cost-effective method of public advertising. This will give you an accurate visual of what your new monument sign will look like in real life.

The wait time can vary depending on the county in North and South Carolina, but the average wait time to complete necessary permitting is about five days.
This freestanding exterior sign gives you better visibility among other businesses in your office park, shopping center, or store front.

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