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The science of Acupuncture is a subject dealing with the prevention and treatment of diseases.
Acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine are important components of chinese historical culture.
Master LEONG HONG TOLE (The Fourth Generation) comes from a long line of family chinese medical practitioners. In 1992, two representatives from Suzhou Acupuncture Institute and Association, a subsidiary of Beijing International Acupuncture Institute and Association, visited Malaysia to observe and identify the standard of practitioners and acupuncture institute. They show impressive over the indepth explanation of the formation of some special diseases and its theory of eliminating those unusual sickness. They were attempted to compare and collect information of practice which originated from China, (which still in practice) and realized that MASTER LEONG is one of the few that acquired such skills. Each Autistic kids are not the same, different in a few or more conditions and also recovery condition , also lever and rate of recovery.
Or just with our Herbal Brain Powder has shown good result.All these Brain Powder is specialy prepared by our Master himself. We are not interested in trainning all your kids to become parrot but OUT OF THEIR OWN WORLD AND COME TO ALL OUR WORLD WITH US. Diabetes, known as the wasting and thirsting syndrome in the Chinese medicine is considered to be a condition that develops due to the disharmony in the body. There are many Chinese herbs that have the curative power that strengthen the immune system and help treat the chronic ailment, diabetes.
Ming Mu Di Huang Wan is one of the most popular herb formulae from China that helps treat vision related problems induced by diabetes.
Mai Men Dong, also known as Ophiopogon is one of the most promising Chinese herbs that help improve the diabetic condition. This herb stimulates regeneration of different cells found inside the Islets of Langerhans in your pancreas. Tian hua fen is also one of the main Chinese herbs that help reduce the increased levels of blood sugar. Rehmannia Glutinosa is also a very effective herb that helps mediate different complications caused by diabetes.
Black and red reishi mushrooms help boost the immune system and enhance the effects of antioxidants.

This herb increases the white blood corpuscle vitality, giving a soothing effect to the entire body.
Bittermelon, also known as momordica charantia has curability powers that help lower the blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
Astralagus is yet another herb that boosts immunity and help increase the dysfunctional immune function of the blood vessels. Prepared Aconite is one of the most powerful Chinese herbs that help cure different symptoms of diabetes such as frequent urination. While modern science is still discovering effective ways to treat arthritis pain, natural herbs have been used since ages to treat the very problem.
The herb infused liniment has many anti inflammatory and pain reliving qualities that can be effective to relieve arthritis pain.
Today the world is benefiting from this ancient pain reliever medicine, thanks to globalization. If you decide to choose herbal liniment to cure your arthritis pain the first thing you should do is to understand the cause of pain.
The market is flooded with various herbal liniments so it can be confusing to find the right treatment for your problem.
Experts believe that some liniments can help to restore bone tissue which is considered a reason behind arthritis pain. If you have rheumatoid arthritis look for a liniment that releases cooling sensation to relive the pain on the other hand formulas that can encourage blood circulation should be used to relieve osteoarthritis soreness. Traditional Chinese herbal liniment comes in liquid or balm form but some herb infused oral pills can also be found in market these days. The great thing about this remedy is that it does not cause side effects such as drowsiness and digestion problems like other anti inflammatory drugs. Since many of these liniments contains concentrated amount of strong herbs and alcohol one should be cautious while using them. Chou Yang exclaimed that like all the ancient superb swordsman, precious swords were bestow upon the warriors of merit. Many severe problems such as nerve pain, often noticed in diabetic neuropathy can be alleviated through the use of Chinese herbs. In early days, the herbal remedies proved to be effective in different villages and were codified in manuals that were later made as textbooks for medical studies. Since diabetes is mostly caused due to dysfunctional immune system, this herb proves very effective in curing diabetic condition by improving the immune system. This is a vegetable, which is also used as an herb due to its effective antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Herbal liniments are one of those effective ancient remedies that have been used for decades to relieve chronic pain. Chinese martial artists have been using variety of herbal liniments to treat acute and chronic pain since ages. If arthritis pains and aches are becoming a part of your life, find out how Chinese herbal liniment can help you feel better. Besides providing timely relief from arthritis associated soreness the liniment also work to treat the root cause of this ailment. The cooling ointment instantly releases a chilled sensation which can make you feel uncomfortable so cover the affected surface with a layer of clothing if you like. Infect, some oral liniment like San Bi Tang helps to improve digestive health and encourage tissue growth. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. Over the years, Chinese herbs have been used to make different formulas to address certain symptoms of diabetes.
The liniment is made by soaking beneficial herbs in alcohol for weeks to months until their medicinal qualities get transferred to the liquid. Age related Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that mostly cause pain and tenderness in the joints. Remember herbs like peppermint, camphor, methanol, cayenne etc posses anti inflammatory qualities. Consult an expert before taking the oral liniment medication as many of these medicines have not been tested for side effects. Specifically designed herbal liniment can be effective to relieve both types of arthritis pain. Do not wrap the affected area with a band after applying liniment because it may intensify the effect and cause other complication. Some countries may take much longer.Customs have their rights to inspect any shipment that may cause a few days delay. We will provide the best solution for you.As a buyer you have all the best benefits, and we just look for your kind postive feedback as return.

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