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Rumours about a Julia Roberts nose job started when pictures of her during her early in her career and those taken 2005 onwards showed that the shape of her nose had changed. As stated earlier, when before and after pictures of Julia Roberts are compared, both the breadth and tip of the nose has been altered to suit her face more. The constant sensation of blockage and stuffiness in the nose, face and, forehead, dripping of mucus into the throat, headaches, sore throat and fever can put one?s life totally off the track.
The trapped air and mucus in the sinuses may lead to infection and inflammation which results in pain and blocked sensation. Chronic sinusitis (inflammation in the sinuses for more than two months) is not usually due to infection.
The classical symptoms of acute sinusitis include heaviness and pain in the face over the area of the infected sinus, nasal congestion and discharge, postnasal drip, sore throat, headache, cough, fatigue and fever at times. In treating chronic sinusitis, homoeopathy also aims at strengthening the patient?s constitution and eradicating the underlying conditions such as sensitivity to cold air, nasal allergies and asthma which are often behind chronic sinusitis. A great advantage that homoeopathic treatment offers along with the treatment of sinusitis is that it also strengthens your immune system, thereby preventing you from recurrent attacks.
I have allergic problems since many years, previously it was from many things from Food to environment, and I am following Homeopathic medication since last 5+ years, due to which allergy is off and on again, so benefit is derived but still allergy to cold weather is left.
I do sneeze and have running nose and other mentioned symptoms like itching in nose, irritation and heaviness. Right now I am taking Sabadilla 30X (which was effective previously, but now proving less effective ) and also I am taking Gensing, mother tincture (10-12 drps twice daily), still symptoms are persisting. Can you recommend homeopathic remedies for large uterine fibroid(s) apparently due to too much estrogen ( and low progesterone)?
And can you recommend a homeopathic remedy against rosacea, spider veins, and cherry angiomas?
Dear Sir, I very often feel sneezing with itching in the nose , roof of mouth and eyes and then suffer from a watery discharge from nose almost round the year. But when I am injected penicillin I am completely good for one week then I need some penicillin. These are the These are the foundations that led to the hepiomathoc systems of science, the divisions into allopathic medicines, and of those who practiced more on the spiritual path.
Sinusitis can be acute or chronic and depending on the location we distinguish sinusitis maxillaris, ethmodalis, frontalis, sphenodalis. The symptoms could begin with impairment of breathing, headaches and relapsing infections. A computer tomography may be required in cases where ethmoidal cells or the sphenoidal sinus may be infected, since these cannot be detected with ultrasound. Most of the time, these infections are simply a result of a dust -mite allergy which lead to a chronic irritation of the sinus. Our clinic can offer, depending on the wishes of our patients, a homeopathic (with several homeopathic mixtures) or classical ENT treatment (e.g. To strengthen the immune system a bioresonance-therapy or further naturopathic treatments may be carried out.
Why do most knowledgeable people strongly advocate the use of homeopathy in skin disorders? As homeopathic medicines are highly diluted, the risk of developing any toxicity is negligible and also when effectively prescribed, the side-effects are very uncommon. Eczema (eck-zeh-ma) is a group of chronic skin conditions that cause skin to become irritated. The exact cause of atopic dermatitis is not known, but a combination of genetic (hereditary) and environmental factors seem to play some role in it.It is also caused by a difference in the way a person?s immune system reacts to things ?

For a homeopath, eczema is not just a skin disorder, it is the reflection of an inner disturbance that is showing on the exterior. Homoeopathic prescription for any chronic skin disorder would consider both the local symptoms of the skin and the constitutional analysis.
This approach in which not only the affected organ but also the complete being is taken into consideration is what makes the homoeopathic treatment so effective. Most patients with atopic dermatitis find great relief once they are able to identify and thereby avoid the substances that cause these symptoms. Irritants are substances that cause the skin to inflame, itch and burn, when present in high enough concentrations with long enough contact.
Prevent scratching or rubbing whenever possible, consistent humidity levels and a cool stable temperature will also help.
Hi dr Sharma , my son is five year old he is suffering from eczema and allergies from all nuts,and he is very hyper ,have poor concentration can not sit on one place for a minute . I am suffering from eczema from 2000, now its really in a worst condition, the itching is the main problem and the oils are coming out from the skin, now i am taking the homeopathic medicine i have cold and breathing problems its almost cured by the treatment, now i think its also coming again.. I request you please suggest me the HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE and course time so that i can get cured.Plz help me Doctor sir. I have been suffering from eczema on the lower legs, hands and forearms and it begin to ooze, very itchy and crusted. Dear Dr Sharma, I hv been suffering fm atopic dermatitis for a very long time predominantly on the left foot and severe itching on legs n under the knee joints.
Born in Atlanta, Georgia to an actor, play writer for parents, she is by her genes a descendent of Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany and Sweden. They started mainly because she had stated that she would never undergo surgery or any artificial modifications of any kind (she wanted to grow old gracefully). The first major change which is very visible is the width of her nose which has been lowered considerably.
It?s a very miserable situation for those who are sensitive to cold weather and are prone to sinusitis. This treatment can be a boon for all those who are more prone to problems in the winters and often develop ailments such as sinusitis due to their sensitivity to cold. It is mainly inflammatory in nature and is usually due to nasal allergies or other underlying diseases such as asthma. Chronic sinusitis has nearly the same symptoms as those of acute sinusitis but is usually stretched over longer periods and is of lesser intensity.
Sometimes specially at my wake up in the morning I have 20-30 sneezes in a row and have a “crawling” sensation in the nose and the roof of the mouth and suffer from breathing difficulty when the attack gets severe.
If possible please let me know which medication of Hemeopath I can take and for how long at specific power. I have been having chronic sinusitis for the past 2 year and it has been disturbing my life socially nd mentally. Those who travelled the spiritual path? apart from hepiomathoc and allopathic medicines were those who were purely spiritual and used more the accord of flower essences.
He had a clear music for 10 months and for a month he has green , yellowish mucus from nose in the morning but thrught out the day it is clear.
My Doctor of OCD Said that unless my Allergy is totally cured my disorder will not curred 100% . Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines.
We do not claim to cure any disease which is considered' incurable ' on the basis of scientific facts by modern medicine .The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis.

Homeopathy, when correctly prescribed, can cure even the worst forms of chronic skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, lichen, etc.
The constitutional analysis would include one?s mental picture, likes and dislikes, thermal sensitivities, family history, sleep pattern, etc. The most commonly used medicines in treating eczemas are sulphur, graphite, arsenic album, and psorinum.
Some common irritants are wool or synthetic fibres, soaps and detergents, some perfumes and cosmetics, substances such as chlorine, mineral oil, or solvents, dust or sand, cigarette smoke. But the pictures clearly show that her nose has changed, while it is possible due to loss of weight, make up. When someone says that he is suffering from sinusitis or having a sinus attack he is usually referring to the inflammation of one or more of these hollow spaces in the skull.
Most people usually have harmless bacteria (Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae) present in their upper respiratory area which do not cause any problem until one?s defences are lowered or when the normal mucus discharges from the sinuses are blocked.
In the past I took antihistamine but for the last one year they had stopped working and then I started taking Homeopath medicine i.
Those of the priesthood were hepiomathoc for they travelled the patterns between the spiritual and the material.Those of the material accord were allopathic. The ENT took a culture of his mucus in the nose and the results came that he has a heavy growth of streptococcus pnemoniae. Cn u please suggest some treatment n also if i start taking a homeopathic treatment how much time will it take to completely get rid of it ? The answer is short and simple, because healing with homeopathic medicines is permanent, non-suppressive and non-toxic. If one or more member in the family suffers from atopic kind of disease, asthma, nasal allergies, etc.
While in school she wanted to become a veterinarian, but after school she shifted to New York to pursue acting. The pictures clearly show that the entire breadth of the nose, the tip has been altered; proving that the Julia Roberts nose job is true. The end product is a more elegant and sophisticated nose (like those of other celebrity nose jobs), which completely suits her face and makes her look more beautiful.
He is on antibiotics for over a month now and they are not helping to reduce the mucus or make it less green.
Scratching in response to an itch caused by the disease usually irritates the skin further and increases the inflammation; this actually increases itchiness.
After itching white cyrital clear fluid comes , i had refferd to homeopathy medicine and showed to doctor in delhi.
Doctor game me strong medicines and skin creamsthat isSECALIA [50G] & CLOBESTASOL PROPIONATESKIN CREAM. Since I oversee the arrangements for running of a charitable homoeopathic dispensary I hv a direct contact with two very experienced doctors. It is usually when this opening gets blocked by swelling in the nose due to common cold or allergies that the symptoms of sinusitis develop.
The doctor keeps on changing antibiotics from augmentive to amnicef and then back to augmentine.

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