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Author: admin, 15.06.2015
An Indian woman knows it very well that blouse can make or mar the looks of a gorgeous saree. As you know, some of the fashion trends earlier used to be only followed by either celebrities or higher class women.
Nowadays we can see latest blouse designs and patterns because of the daily experimenting on patterns by many well known designers.
Its cut, color and the way it is worn would tell you about whether the woman is casual, carefree, bold, reticent or orthodox.
Now the designer blouse patterns and saree blouse designs is not only behind the ramp and models it has come in front of today’s normal women’s also. A single shoulder style blouse can also do if you feel uncomfortable in both shoulders off.

Maggam work procedures is mostly fixing the blouse on the maggam followed by printing the design, then choosing the required materials like chamki, kundans, beads, pearls, threads, zaris, kardanas etc for the designs and then start the work on it with a needle. This style of blouse will have just one shoulder strap or sleeve and will leave the other shoulder bare.
Maggam Work Designs are heavy embroidery work, thread and mirror embroidered, lace, border, pattu, embellished with white stone, kundan, jardhosi, spring, beads work, sparkling, jeweled, and some other extra works on blouses suitable for all kinds of fat-thin-heavy structure with perfect outfits for a lady. These days fashion industry has given a new definition to blouses. It is now a tight fitted garment which mostly covers the upper front part of a woman. Some woman like a long blouse which comes till her waist, while some go for short blouse, depending on body structure and taste. You can make it a high waisted bustier type or can have a simple design with front buttoning.

Designer blouse patterns are made according to the individual needs of a woman as per her body type and other considerations. Credit must be given to these artistic geniuses who brought these clothing into a better perspective.
The latest blouse designs have amazing neck patterns and stylish back neck designs and these have been made popular by the top fashion designers.

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