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Author: admin, 03.07.2014
So I got my little wheels turning (which just means remembering jewelry organizers I've pinned on Pinterest) and decided to make these Feminine DIY Earring Displays.
I made two earring displays, one out of hardware cloth (fancy word for wire) and another made out of cork board covered with fabric (the same fabric I used for my DIY Faux Roman Shades). The piece of wire I used for my earring display was actually a scrap from some DIY wire baskets I'm working on. I used thumbtacks to "nail" the wire onto the back of the frame (the backside is still it's old color- too lazy to spray paint parts that won't be seen). Decor + functionality = Fabulousness- yeah, I now that's not a word but it is in my dictionary.
The cork board earring display is perfect for studs that require a back piece to hold in place.
I've never even heard of hardware cloth, but now you've got me thinking of all kinds of projects it could be used for!

Beachy Plant Jewelry These crystal shell “picks” add a bit of a Floridian vibe to any potted plant! All this means is I generate a small percentage from your purchase at no additional cost to you. I actually kept all the back pieces to my stud earrings in a nearby bowl so I wouldn't have to mess with that when taking earrings on and off my display. I'm obsessed with bringing beauty to everything around me in the form of DIY, repurposing and sprucing up.
For today I have a wonderful collection of 37 creative ideas that will show you how to use the wine cork.
Embellish your look with a necklace made of wine cork or solve your problem with the accessory storage by making a wall frame for hanging up all of your jewelries. It had been gloomy and hazy for what seemed like an eternity so I was ready desperate for some sunshine!

There are plenty of things that you can do with the wine cork and you didn’t even know. Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design! There are million of tutorials that will teach us how to make a perfect storage for our accessories and there are also million of tutorials that will show us how to create those accessories.
It is a perfect time to start improving your diy skills and techniques, don’t you think? There are also some wonderful tutorials for necklace and bracelets that will help you to enrich your accessory box without spending money!

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