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Select an old frame to use for your project.  I found a great vintage wood frame with burlap inlay, fabulous!
This step is also optional.  I chose to paint the outside of my frame using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. Keeping your house in order is anything but easy, especially if you have children and a husband to look after as well. How many times did it happen for you to notice that your food went bad, simply because your refrigerator was so disorganized that you forgot about the food, somewhere in the back of the fridge? This is a super creative and inspired idea that can help you store all your personal items – you can use it both for your kitchen and for your bathroom!
You will be amazed to see what a tremendous difference the right words can make – especially when said at the right time! This is actually a super practical and multi-purpose magnetic command center that you can use to store all of your accessories – from your metal earrings and bracelets to your car keys or home keys. Storing your makeup brushes correctly is of utmost importance, as otherwise they can turn into a magnet for bacteria and microbes – and you certainly do not want to put that on your face! If your home is decorated in a romantic, vintage or shabby chic style and you simply have so many pairs of shoes that you are unable to store them all in your closet, then you can now re-purpose one of your old ladders. Kids always love to draw and to doodle, but storing their crayons and their other coloring tools can be very challenging at times. Earring holders can cost several tens of dollars nowadays, and the truth is that they do not have anything extra than the handmade earring holders that you can create at home, so why not try to make your own from scratch?
Washi Tape is a multi-purpose tape that is durable, long-lasting, sticky and very easy to apply – and this tutorial will certainly show you just how easy it is to push your creativity to the next level with it. Organizing your jewellery is essential, especially if you want to use them for as long as you possibly can, and this tutorial on how to keep your necklaces clean and properly organized will definitely come in handy. Having long hair can be very rewarding for every woman but, at the same time, organizing all your hair ties and the adjacent accessories can be very challenging and time-consuming. If you are a wine lover and you are proud of that, then you will definitely appreciate this adorable tutorial, as it will make you want to store all your wine corks from now on! Rings can easily roll off the table and fall under chairs, beds or sofas, and retrieving them can be very time-consuming. This is great for unconventional people who have lots of belongings, and who are tired of throwing them all over the house.
Here you will find a great and creative compilation of no less than 18 different organizing tips and hints that you can easily use to store just about everything, from your headphones and your cell phone chargers to your accessories and even your clothing items. The Vision Board is actually more than an organization idea, as it can also double as a keepsake or as a memorabilia where you can easily pinpoint pictures or other objects of great emotional importance to you.
It has happened to everybody to get super mad at the fact that we cannot pair our socks – and for a good reason, it seems that socks simply “hide” from us sometimes! This is yet another very nice storage idea that you can use, especially if you are passionate about knitting and you are looking for a crafty and creative way to store all your ideas.

If your old, plain and simple non-slip hangers no longer appeal to you, then you can easily add a touch of freshness to them by “coating” them with a neon non-slip thread that will prevent your clothes from falling off. Jeans are great to wear: super simple, practical and easy to iron, jeans can become a girl’s next best friends! Everybody loves shoes, but storing them can be very difficult – if you have many flip flops or other low-heel shoes and you have a hard time storing them all, then here is a great and super inventive transparent shoe box storage idea that can benefit you greatly, over the years! This is yet another lovely tutorial on how to store all your pantyhose and your underwear in a safe and hygienic way. To sum it all up, these are 50+ great organizing tips that everybody can use: you do not need lots of money to be creative and to use your imagination to the fullest. Nothing can add the much needed flair of freshness and comfort to your life in those scorching heats of summer than some chilling time in the cold and soothing waters of a swimming pool. Letting yourself immersed in those comforting waters of your home swimming pool is a completely unearthly feeling altogether, making one forget all the hustle and bustle of life for a while. Growing deliciously fresh fruits and lovely veggies in your very own garden has its own charm. Are you troubled with all those backpacks, coats, and lots and lots of shoes lying all around the entryway, keeping things look just so cluttered and unmanaged? How much comfort and warmth can a good, fluffy carpet or rug can bring to your room is something that doesn’t call for stringing a sentence for any explanations. There’s no doubt in the fact that the kitchen is perhaps, one of the most significant parts of every house, not only in terms of the purpose, but also the look and appeal. Owning a nice fire pit or a fireplace must have surely put you into the trouble of storing that plenty of firewood in place every once in a while. Do you often find yourself troubled with annoyingly untidy or unmanaged closets and drawers that are meant to house your socks and keep them in perfect place? Fortunately, that will never happen again if you pay attention to this lovely refrigerator organizing idea that will certainly benefit you in the long run! Transparent, cost-effective and very easy to install at the same time, this DIY pocket organizer is great for storing your shower gel, your cleaning sponge, your shampoo, balm, body oil and all the other goodies you use in the shower! If you feel that you are currently lacking inspiration or determination, then here is a very simple idea that will certainly help you get back on track. You will never have to worry about losing anything, ever again – just stick them to the command center and they will stay there, provided that they are entirely made from metal!
Here is a simple way to store your makeup brushes and to make sure they will be as good as new, for years to come. Clean it, add a fresh layer of paint and use it as your brand new shoe storage idea – your friends will definitely want to steal this idea from you later on! Here is how you can easily make the best of it and turn it into a crafty storage space for the seasonal items or for the items that you no longer use as often as before.
Mason jars are known to serve tens of different purposes, and this is only one of them – check out this outstanding idea and you will be thrilled to see just how easy it is to turn your mason jars into storage spaces for your child’s crayons.

If you do not know where to start from, then there is nothing to be worried about – here is a tutorial that will teach you how to do it, step by step! You do not need a fancy necklace holder or organizer – just a basic one that will get the job done!
Have you noticed how bothersome it is to try ten different keys before finding the one that actually matches the front door?
Here is a lovely and simple tutorial that will teach you how to make the best of your hair ties, on a budget. Creating a cork board is great for decorative purposes, especially if you want to stay chic yet classy and retro at the same time. This is why every lady needs an efficient and simple ring box to store them quickly and efficiently. All you need is a lacquered wooden piece and several pieces of bungee rope to make the best of your storage space. Check out just how stylish and chic this DIY Vision Board is, and you will definitely want to make your own. Here is a super practical and easy tutorial that will show you how you can use your old egg carton to store your pins, needles and other small objects that tend to get lost.
Some of them get lost in the pile of clothes, others clog the washing machine drain, while others simply vanish.
You will never have to worry about having your fingers accidentally poked with the needles, ever again! This is particularly important for satin clothes, as those are the first ones to slip off the hangers, usually! Even the oldest and most useless objects and materials can be turned into practical pieces of art, if you know how to do it. No matter if you are looking for shoe organizing ideas or for new ideas on how to store all your spices in your pantry, you will find them all here!
Not to mention that the wrong key can also trigger your home alarm, and you definitely do not want that to happen! If this is your case as well, then you should certainly check out this great ring box tutorial that you can easily make in no less than five minutes, with basic items that you can find around the house! Here is a super simple and efficient sock storage idea that you can use, and you will never have to worry about losing a sock ever again. Check out these adorable sewn stash baskets and you will definitely become addicted to them. The organizing ideas mentioned above will definitely change the way you see your underwear, your shoes, your toiletries or your household cleaning products!

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