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Author: admin, 09.09.2014
You go to the beach, you can’t resist those beautiful shells, now what do you do with them? All it takes is a simple wash and a little bit of glue to make earrings that are slightly reminiscent of seashells. I made a simple wash for the shells, instead of using straight paint so that the natural beauty of the shell shows through. Introducing Sapphire Dangle Earrings made from Stainless Steel Elegance products from Prima Bead.
If you remember, the challenge for September as a Prima Bead Blogger was to create pieces from Prima Bead's Tis the Season line.
Here are the snowflake charms I received, minus a couple that I used before I started the earrings. I was originally going to include the blue charms, but I liked it better with just the snowflakes.
For the earrings, I used the pendant part of the necklace as my inspiration and in no time I had a matching pair of earrings.
Sarah Nenni-DaherAugust 4, 2014 at 10:31 PMWow - great job on the refashions and now you have complete sets.

Add some new personal flare to your jewelry collection and try creating these beautiful duct tape feather earrings. These DIY seashell earrings are so easy to make, easy to make look spectacular, and a great craft for all ages. I covered it with a layer of nail polish to seal it (optional) and of course you need the earrings findings as well (linked to for your convenience). The supplies are versatile too, and not project-specific, so if you need to make just one, the leftovers will come in handy. Last winter I saw a lady wearing some super cute snowflake earrings and when I saw all the snowflake charms from Prima Bead, I knew just what I wanted to make.
When my six year old saw it, she immediately claimed it as hers and told me to make a necklace for her.
Duct tape can be purchased in many designs and patterns so you can personalize your feather earrings.
In the event that there is a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial; and the material (images) will be removed immediately upon request and presented proof. You don’t have to do it (especially if crafting with young kids) but it does give the shell a polished, professional look.

Make sure to do it in a spot that will lie nicely on the ear, which will NOT be in the center if working with a large shell. Just make sure to get natural shells, without a coating, as you want the porous material to hold the color.
I ordered two of the same necklace and quickly turned one of them into a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Lately I'm working more with fabrics than with beads, but when I need inspiration for jewelry I take my bead box, put all the beads on the table (I keep mine separated by colour, so I usually take two or three colours out at a time) and start mixing them until I see something interesting, then I try to figure out how to transform them into a piece of jewelry.
While managing my home, family, and life, I post to my Etsy shop, write tutorials, and work as a freelance graphic designer.

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