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Author: admin, 14.07.2014
Thanks to Astia for sending in this LED backlight project, I think this is the perfect way to add a festive touch to your computer system.
Would have a better effect if you use three pots instead of switches so you can control the brightness of each colour individually.
You’d have to shop around, plentry of places would have them I’d imagine… but obviously I got mine as a present, after nagging a relative who’d installed some.
If you are wanting to grow some plants indoor on a budget have a look at this LED Plant Grow Box idea. Capdiamont, If you take a look at the post below you can see what the white LED color spectrum looks like.

Can you or someone that you know make me a circuit board that will sequencially light 16 LED’s, ideally bi-directionally. Simplest way would be to use a microcontroller that has 16 or more outputs and control them individually.
The LEDs look similar to the 10mm White LEDs that we sell but unfortunately ours don’t get marked down 80% off after Christmas. I have to wonder about other colors though, or if the specific wavelength of red, etc matters.
I have done some grow experiments with LEDs and it does work but it is not really practical compared to HID lighting.

They tried white LEDs because it has all the spectrum but they went back to red and blue because that’s all the plant really needs. Check it out its is some cool stuff and they are nice enough to show the progress of their testing.

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