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Craig Mabbitt with Escape the Fate performs during the Vans Warped Tour 2015 at Aaron's Amphitheatre on Thursday, July 2, 2015, in Atlanta. The world is full of questions we all want answers to but are either too embarrassed, time-crunched or intimidated to actually ask. A whole subculture of young people who've chosen to "gauge" their ears, as it's called, are posing a challenge to plastic surgeons. When people tell you to stick it in your ear, no one quite envisioned what a young subculture is putting in their ear lobes. Chris Bradford has a whole set of things you can put into an ear lobe once the hole becomes large enough to hold them.
But a choice later --not to wear gauges anymore-- is more complicated, especially if you've got up to two and three inch holes in your ears. Now, at age 22, Bradford is working at a Jimmy Johns Sandwich Shop and had a very pro-active employer confront him about the gauges. Jimmy John wanted Bradford to agree to give up the gauges and have his ears restored back to normal again. The alternative model from Essex says: "It's pushing my body to its limit and I love the way it looks. The sociologist, who wrote In the Flesh: the Cultural Politics of Body Modification, says it started in the 1980s and 1990s with the rise of the body art movement and the "modern primitives", who appropriated practices from the "global supermarket" for various reasons such as showing solidarity with other cultures or to set themselves apart. Jay Cee, a music video director and photographer from Surrey, says she is quite a creative person and so she likes a creative image. Her lobe is now stretched to 18mm, so it will never shrink back to the size of the original piercing. Dr Ken Stewart, a member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, says ear lobes are made of skin and fat but they are sensitive organs - they turn red when people get embarrassed and have an erogenous function. A major inquiry is under way after an EgyptAir passenger jet suddenly vanished from radar screens over the southern Mediterranean.
Clayton charged $2,600 to repair Chris' ears because he had to experiment until he found the best technique. But why has creating a large hole in the ear lobe started to appeal to more and more people?Ear stretching goes back a long way.

And he can hang his utensils from his ear lobes so double bonus" and "I would've served my prawns in my ear holes if I were Seb".Flesh tunnels and flesh plugs, which are solid, have become more visible on our screens.
You can gradually stretch the skin using different sized tapers (cone-shaped pieces of jewellery). But you don't have to visit a museum or travel to a remote-ish part of the world to see it because the practice has been adopted in many Western countries.However, it is not so common that it goes unnoticed. Dougie Poynter from British band McFly is currently sporting some flesh tunnels in the Australian jungle, where he is taking part in ITV1's I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.American rapper Travie McCoy and American singer Adam Lambert are also stretching devotees.
The more you stretch the skin, the more commitment you are expressing to a counter cultural look."People who are obsessed with getting the largest stretch possible are known in the business as a "gauge queen" or "gauge king", according to Fox. Thomas Leung, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, provides an answer.Is there a point of no return when someone stretches their ear lobes, for the purpose of a gauge? Stretched piercings do tend to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb, particularly if the hole is substantial enough to hold a small object.For many people, there is an "ouch" or an "eugh" factor when they see someone with a substantial ear lobe stretch but for those that have it done, it is a thing of beauty.
British fashion expert Gok Wan is also partial to large wooden ear plug adornments but it is not known if these are being used to stretch his lobe. Statistics are not easy to come by but, as with tattoos, there is extensive anecdotal evidence that ear stretching is on the rise. This works like a hole punch and will create an instant gap.Mellor advises customers to take the gradual approach.
When you say ‘gauges,’ I assume you mean people trying to extend the hole to be super large. And so, even simple earring holes -- I know they are much less dramatic -- already for most people they don’t close over time.
He says it used to be associated with hippies, punks or the rock crowd but now it is "all walks of life and not just students". I don’t think they ever become significantly smaller.But they’d fill in, to some degree, right? The hole might stay open, but does it stay in the same form factor?My understanding is there may be a little bit of contracture, of closing, but it’s not significant.
It will stay there the rest of their lives.Do you think there’s a miseducation about that? The only way to close that hole would be to sew it closed together again, but that would still leave the scar of a surgery from sewing the hole together.

That’s the only way to close that hole.Is there any modern application or surgery that would get it to close?So, I study ear regeneration in mice -- and humans, as well.
So basically, you punch a hole that normally doesn’t close anymore – like a two-millimeter hole in a mouse ear that normally doesn’t close -- and now we can close that hole.
We were able to find an FDA-approved medicine already on the market for a different indication, and we were able to use that in these mice, called the MD-3100.
We were able to take a regular mouse that doesn’t normally have ear-hole regeneration potential, by giving them this medication we could regenerate their ears. At the University of Pennsylvania.What are some dangers of stretching most people might not be aware of?I think the permanent factor of it. Whenever you gauge the size of the hole in your ear, that’s really going to remain static over time. 2, fixing the deformity after you don’t want it is going to be a much bigger deal than you think. So the hole heals, and that means you have normal skin healing around – you create a hole, and you create basically a circle with ear tissue that heals across that circle.
And once your skin heals in that area, and scars, it’s hard to bring those two areas back together again completely without – it’s impossible to bring those two areas back completely without some sort of hole remaining.
Because the skin won’t fuse back together in a seamless fashion. Any type of injury to the skin causes a scar, and once the scar is in place, it’s very unlikely to create a non-scarred ear again.
And I think there’s probably some higher chances of infection when you're doing the gauging process itself -- although, I don’t see that many side effects from it in the clinic.
And you can have droopy earlobes that can cause other problems.Have a question you're dying to have answered?

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