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After a useless experiment on Friday when the battery died, I'm trying them out again today in a 'data center mit desk'. At first, the noise cancellation don't seem to do much; I put the cans on my ears then turned them on, ambient noise dropped somewhat, but probably not as much as the actual cans were dampening anyway. The data center that the SVRNi gear is in is significantly louder too, I wear ear plugs there now. I did this so you can see the volume properly, and the track at that moment was 'Cure my Tradgedy' by Cold. I used to have to have the volume almost at max to be able to hear the music well, with these I can have it at almost the lowest and hear it better. My favorite music experience is using the noise-canceling headphones - no accessories to deal with and blocks out background noise! I love using my personal audio cable to use with my laptop to watch tv shows that i miss and with my ipod.
Awesome information, I haven't used accessory cables but may want to try them once I get my second implant activated.

Never could stand to be plugged in so to speak so never used any device with earphones when I could hear. One thing I've found is the placement of the speakers inside the helmet plays a BIG part of how well you hear. Start the iPod, (in a Breach of Trust mood today) and instantly get deafened by the settings I use in the car. I've used foam ear plugs, and I tried the Bose noise cancelling headphones, but neither was very satisfying - especially considering the latter have an MSRP of $300USD! You should visit your Cochlear country website for the most accurate information specific to your location. I have two favorite ways to listen to music: with a neckloop or with my Noizfree dual silhouettes and my Ipod. This means I can use my G9 unit in the G9X cradle and use my own noise-cancelling or isolating headphones. Karen and I have had our G9's for a little over two years now, and like you have been generally satisfied.

Have to push the front wheel up a small ramp and have the wife slide the lift under the frame and pump it up till it's stable. Lets see some pics!blueverclear: So ive definitely gotten used to having storage on my bikes. I've had a roadstar warrior for years and thought I would try making a bagger out of the road star. They tell me how lucky I am that nobody else can hear it and that I'm lucky to have a mini concert in my ear.
Yahoo lyrics has come to my rescue many times when I'm having difficulty understanding the lyrics.

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