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Author: admin, 26.10.2013
If you have long-lasting idiopathic tinnitus, then it’s vitally important to test for brain tumor. Deciding to test for a brain tumor may be one of the most difficult- and crucial- decisions a tinnitus sufferer can make.
Still, in determining- and eliminating- the cause of your tinnitus, crossing “brain tumor” off your list should be a priority.
One such brain tumor, acoustic neuroma, is a non-cancerous growth that directly causes tinnitus and hearing loss.  When the acoustic neuroma tumor grows on your cranial nerve, it produces symptoms such as tinnitus ear ringing, buzzing, dizziness, and hearing loss.
Acoustic neuroma brain tumor is benign, meaning that it grows slowly and remains local- it does not spread to other parts of the body.
Acoustic neuroma accounts for about 8% of all primary brain tumors (growths which begin in the brain). Tinnitus in one or both ears; approximately 7% of people with this brain tumor also have tinnitus.
Facial pain, numbness, or tingling occurs in 25% of people suffering from acoustic neuroma.
Chronic fatigue from constant pain, ear ringing, stress, and loss of sleep is common among both sufferers of acoustic neuroma brain tumor and tinnitus.
It’s important to see an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor, even if tinnitus symptoms are not severe. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan is often required if your doctor suspects a brain tumor, particularly if you also experience pulsatile tinnitus- tinnitus sounds that throb in beat with your heart rate.
Treatments for tinnitus from acoustic neuroma include surgery, radiotherapy, or stereotactic radiosurgery. If you found this article helpful, then please share with your friends, family, and coworkers by email, Facebook, or Google+.

Unexplained ear ringing, ear fullness, or headaches may indicate acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor that impairs your hearing and causes tinnitus.
Nobody wants to think about the possibility of a brain tumor causing tinnitus, and in most cases, test results come out negative.
An ENT is one of the most qualified health professionals to detect if tinnitus is being caused by a brain tumor and suggest surgery to stop tinnitus. By releasing lighter versions of classic cans and replacing older products with radically new designs, the company has churned out an impressive number of products in recent years.
While other companies have all spent the past few years trading places with the quietest offerings on the market, Gemtech set out to make the GM-45 one of the lightest .45 cans available. Because the GM-45 is a shorter suppressor, it actually feels a bit lighter than it is, as its center of gravity sits near the booster assembly at the rear of the can. Also as a result of its shorter length, the GM-45 is a touch louder than other options.Materials and DesignDriving the GM-45’s light weight is its nearly-100% aluminum construction. Thankfully, a brass brush and some CLP should be enough to break up most fouling that might build up inside the core.A closer look at the G-Core monocore bafflesSpeaking of the GM-45’s guts, the silencer features Gemtech’s relatively new G-Core baffles.
As I mentioned in the opening, Gemtech has introduced the G-Core to most of their pistol and rimfire suppressors and I’ve found it offers pleasing tone, but sometimes comes with significant first round pop (FRP). Read on to see if the GM-45 continues this trend.The GM-45 broken down for cleaningTaking the GM-45 apart is quite simple as the silencer breaks down into three main sections. Of all the pistol silencers I’ve tested, the GM-45’s piston (also used in Gemtech’s Blackside-45) is the easiest to remove when dirty.
Forward of the rear cap is a thin section of flats that are actually part of the suppressor’s core. Compared to something like my SilencerCo Octane 45, the Gemtech suppressor is at a noticeable disadvantage in the attenuation department.

Top performers in the category often hover around 30 dB of attenuation, but the GM-45 is still within the realm of what many consider “hearing safe” (less than 140 dB overall). When I tested the can at the range, I was absolutely able to use it without additional hearing protection and without any sort of ringing in my ears. Still, it is advisable to use hearing protection at all times.Beyond its suppression capabilities, the GM-45’s tonal quality supports the perception that the can is quieter than it really is.
Thanks to the large internal volume of these designs, they generally offer lower pitch reports.
Gemtech’s numbers might indicate a 7-9 dB disadvantage, but my perception put the GM-45 somewhere around 3-5 dB louder than my Octane.Since the GM-45 is a monocore silencer and does have a rather roomy core, FRP is naturally a concern.
In practice, the first shot through a cold GM-45 is only marginally louder than subsequent ones, likely because the silencer’s blast chamber is rather small. The maneuverability and handling advantages of a more compact suppressor are easy to ignore if you’re just looking at the spec sheet, but are far more apparent in hand. Moreover, the silencer’s overall sound quality impressed me and even if larger cans have a slight attenuation edge, the GM-45 is well within the range that most consider hearing safe.Those looking for the GM-45 can find it for around $600 at Silencer Shop. Actual pricing will vary somewhat among Powered By dealers.This has been a review of products sold by Silencer Shop. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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