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When you think of hearing loss, you may only associate its progression with old age or occupational hazards. If you have concerns about your medications affect on your hearing, schedule a free hearing screening with us to go over your concerns and next steps. Audiology is the study involving prevention, identification, and the assessment of hearing disorders. Children (< 5 years) and adults undergo various tests to establish whether a hearing loss exists. The audiologist will want to find out information regarding the difficulties experienced and the concerns about the client’s hearing. This examination is conducted to examine the external auditory canal and the tympanic membrane. This test records the movement of the eardrum following a change of pressure inside the ear canal.
The purpose of this test is to determine the softest volume at which one is able to hear a variety of brief sounds.
During audiomtery testing, sounds will be delivered either through a loudspeaker, headphones or small ear phones that fit into the ear canal. In very young infants, the child will be led to believe that the sound is coming from the animated toy that is placed to the side of the child. In older children, the child may be instructed to respond to the sound by completing a part of a game e.g.
ABR and Auditory Steady-State Responses (ASSR) are tests which measure the brain waves following stimulation by sound. Does your child create speech-like sounds with single syllables strung together (like “da-da-da”) ?

Does  your child have a vocabulary of between 20 and 50 words and use short phrases like “no more”, “daddy up” ?
The hearing aid fitting process is flexible, adaptable and ongoing – there are many types, sytyles and different technologies available to choose from. Hearing aids also range considerably in price but this is determined by the technology which is used in the hearing aid and its capabilities.
While those are contributing factors, are you aware that certain medications can also cause hearing loss? Information regarding duration of hearing difficulties, previous tests, history of infections etc will be useful. Measures of mobility and middle ear pressure can be delivered in order to assess the integrity of the middle ear.
Once the child is convinced that the sound is produced by the toy, the audiologist will then produce a sound and wait for the child to turn towards the toy. The goal of speech audiometry is to determine the softest level at which the client can detect and recognize speech. Conductive Hearing Loss – This loss is as  a result of sound being reduced in the outer and middle ear. Sensorineural Hearing Loss – Results from damage to the inner ear and nerve transmitting the neural impulse.
It is extremely important that you talk to an audiologist, who can test your hearing and determine what course of action you can take. The range of hearing aids available and advances in technology have increased the chances of a successful fitting.
Certain medications are considered ototoxic, which means your ear has been exposed to drugs and chemicals that can damage your inner ear.

The auditory system picks up sound waves and converts them into nerve impulses which travel to the cerebrum of the brain where the sensation of sound is produced. The impact the hearing loss is having on the client’s daily functioning will also provide insite into where the audiologist can best assist. This test is helpful in determining the nature of the patient’s hearing loss and is the test of choice to diagnose middle ear infections. This type of hearing loss is rarely reversed by medical treatment and is often helped by the use of a hearing aid. The damage to your ear depends on the dosage of that particular drug and the duration of use, as well as your current state of kidney function and the use of other ototoxic drugs. To better understand and establish possible causes the client’s medical and vocational history will also be investigated. In children older than 6 years and with adults the patient is required to push a button each time a sound is heard.
However in some cases the loss may not be fully resolved and in such cases a hearing aid may be beneficial. Up to 33% of adult patients taking aminoglycoside antibiotics have reported experiencing ototoxicity, with a less than 3% of it being permanent.

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