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So you just pierced a new hole in your ear, but you’re not sure what size jewelry you should be looking for. If your piercing was done with a needle in a piercing shop, they may have informed you of the size right there, but maybe you just forgot what your piercer told you.
For tragus, anti-tragus, helix, rook, conch and most cartilage piercings (any part of the ear other than your lobe) a piercer will use an 18 gauge (as seen above) or 16 gauge needle. A lot of us with nose piercings will jump around a bit, try a few different styles, and ultimately pick one or two go-to nose rings that fit well without very much difficulty.  But what happens when you find a bunch of nose rings you like, and most of them just plain don’t fit? Q: I want to wear a nose hoop but my piercing is a little higher on my nostril.  How can I get a hoop that will fit without looking oversized?
So now that we’ve demystified the enigmatic ladies intimate piercing, buying naughty holiday gifts has taken on a whole new appeal, right?
Now all you need to do is choose the style of hoop you like best, and you’re all set. Diameter applies primarily to shields and circular barbells, like BCRs, segment rings, or horseshoe barbells.  The diameter of these items will always be measured from inside edge to inside edge at the widest part of the circle. For persons who have sensitive skin or allergies, buying new pieces can sometimes be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to. For more about jewelry and sizing, check out our Jewelry Sizing Category, and always buy smart. For more about jewelry and sizing, check out our Jewelry Sizing Category, and as always, buy smart. Use the form below to delete this Ear Gauge Size Chart Inches Posted On Sunday July 13th 2014 At 228 image from our index.
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Use the form below to delete this Measurement Will Be The Gauge Size For This Type Of Jewelry Gauges image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Posted By NeedleLovers At 1011 AM 39 Comments image from our index. Use the form below to delete this 12pcs 3 To10mm Ear Gauges Black Resin Plugs Lvory Shape Kit Body image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Gauge Your Ears Ear Gauges Pictures Size Chart Tattoo Picture image from our index. Captive bead rings, also called a ball closure ring or BCR jewelry is one of the most versatile types of body jewelry out there. To make it easier to understand the types of captive bead rings and their uses, we created a couple graphics to show common uses for captive bead rings.
Another option for captive bead rings is captive bead lip ring, captive bead eyebrow ring, and captive bead nose ring.
Once you know if you want a captive bead nose ring, lip ring, or eyebrow ring, you will want to find the style and material that works best.
Captive read belly button rings one of the most popular types of captive bead rings you will see.
Types of belly button rings often vary because some people need belly rings for sensitive skin types. To make things easier, we made the following chart that shows the different types of piercing materials used for belly button ring piercings. 316l Surgical Steel is actually a classification or a term used in the industry to refer to a specific process and resulting specific type of stainless steel. Sterling Silver is one of the most popular belly piercing types most likely because of the lustrous color and shine.
The types of nose piercings chart seen here indicates the different nose ring sizes or nose ring gauges commonly found.
If you look at the types of nose piercings chart, you’ll see that different piercing locations often correspond with different types of nose piercing jewelry. Often, the location or types of nose piercing determines what style of nose ring jewelry types to wear.
Other different types of nose piercings, like the septum piercing you see on the nose ring size chart, is another common nose piercing for both women and men. The bridge piercing, as seen on the types of nose piercing jewelry chart, is one of the most difficult nose piercing types to successfully achieve.
The nasallang piercing, sometimes called the 3 in 1 industrial of the nose, is a difficult nose piercing that you should only have an experienced professional piercer perform.
The vertical nose tip piercing, often though to be one of the most painful types of nose piercing, starts in the cartilage in between the nostrils and travels upwards, coming out at the tip of the nose.
The nose ring types chart shows you how different styles of nose rings work best in specific nose piercings or specific locations on the nose.
If you look on the nose piercings types chart, you’ll see the nose bone, sometimes thought of as the nose stud, has a rounded bulb at the end to hold the nose ring in place.
As you can see from the nose ring types, the nostril screw has a straight stem that turns at an angle to form a curve in which to hold the nose screw in place. Due to the migration problems often associated with bridge piercings, a PTFE, bioflex nose ring or a bioplast bridge nose ring is often recommended.

The nasallang nose piercing out of necessity has to be a straight barbell of some kind that can pass through all 3 piercing locations, as you can see on the the nose ring types chart. The high nostril ala piercing is typically a small slender 20 gauge stem or a small labret stud.
A piercing size chart can help you figure out which piece of body jewelry is the best fit for you. The next navel ring sizes or measurement you might see, depending on the kind of belly button ring, is the length of the curved barbell. In the case of a captive bead ring or horseshoe ring, a belly button ring size chart should measure the diameter across the inside of the belly button ring. So, the next time you are shopping for a belly button ring, remember to look over the BellyBling Piercing Size Chart to make sure you understand what the measurements actually mean.
You will want to look at standard size earring studs (like those shown above) rather than ones made specifically for cartilage piercings. In other words, if you plan on stretching your ear gauge sizes, plan ahead with the right ear gauges in the right ear gauges sizes. Use captive bead rings for the lobe, conch, daith, forward helix, orbital, anti-tragus, tragus, snug, helix, and rook to name a few.
Some options for a ball closure ring are titanium, black, acrylic, gold, or surgical steel.
Some of the more popular belly button rings for sensitive skin include titanium, plastic, acrylic, Bioflex, Bioplast, and PTFE belly rings.
Just as the name suggests, titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio for metal belly button ring types. Body piercing materials like sterling silver that can offer extra shimmer and shine tend to be widely popular. When people want sexy and classy, they turn to gold as one of the top piercing jewelry materials.
They are a flexible material often seen in pregnancy belly button rings and custom fit or adjustable belly rings, because they can be cut or trimmed to the perfect fit.
For example, one of the most popular types of nose piercing jewelry is the nostril piercing on either the left or the right nostril. You wouldn’t guess it due to the typical nose screw that comes to mind when envisioning a nose ring, but there are many nose piercing jewelry types. If you want a secure nose ring that is not going to easily fall out, the nose screw is a good choice. It is worn as an ala or as a septum nose piercing as you can see on the chart showing different types of nose piercings.
Curved barbells or surface bars are often worn in these piercings with varying gauge sizes.
Like other nose cartilage piercings, these types of nose piercings are done with a needle and receiving tube, but require extra special attention during the aftercare as to not become infected and to reduce swelling on the inside of the nose as much as possible. Tell us the pros and cons you find between nose screws, nose bones, and captive bead rings? Have you always wanted to know what exactly the body jewelry measurements listed next to a belly button ring or a tongue ring really mean? The most important gauge on belly button rings is the piercing gauge itself, the belly button ring gauge, which indicates the size of the actual piercing within your navel. A navel ring size chart should always indicate the specific belly button ring gauge size as the most common, but also show you the other lesser common options. All of these body jewelry measurements, and specifically, all of these belly button ring sizes, are going to help you determine which belly ring is going to fit and look the best on you.
Whatever the reason, if you’re curious as to what size a particular hole in your ear is, let me break it down a little simpler for ya.
Industrial piercings are typically pierced at 14 gauge. Most of the cartilage and BCR (captive ring) styles we carry come in both 18 and 16 gauge sizes. Print this ear piercing gauge sizes chart off if you plan on slowly stretching your gauge sizes.
Just think about it—you can have a standard captive bead earring, a captive bead nose ring, or a captive bead lip ring.
One of the most challenging parts we get questions about for  captive bead rings and captive bead belly rings is how to get them out, insert them, and remove them.
Types of belly button rings just like different types of body jewelry vary for reasons of comfort and aesthetics. 316l surgical steel might be thought of as the industry standard because it is a strong and resistant to corrosion.
It is more prone to scratches than steel and titanium and for this reason, some do not wear sterling silver. It can be scratched and flake off it damaged so it is not recommended for initial piercings or ones still healing.
Plastic is usually a great choice for allergy sufferers, because the body does not typically have a sensitization problem with it. They can be autoclaved making them ideal for those wanting to sterilize their body jewelry. An 18 gauge nose ring is slightly thicker through the barbell or the stem portion of the nose ring. These types of nose piercings do not go through any bone or even the cartilage wall dividing the right and left septum. The right and left nostril are pierced as well as the septum allowing for a straight long nose ring like a straight barbell or industrial barbell to be inserted through all 3 piercings at one time. For example, one of the more common nose rings is the captive bead ring or hoop nose rings. It is not as easy to insert as a nose bone or nose stud, but the advantage of having a nose ring not shift around is a huge plus.
Seat salt spray is commonly recommended by professional piercers as a way to keep the inside of the nose sanitary.

16G, a slightly thinner gauge, is one of the belly ring sizes most often thought of as the other navel ring size. If it is a dangling belly button ring, you can figure out how far the dangling belly button ring is going to dangle on your navel.
We have answered with this ear piercing gauge sizes chart that illustrates all ear gauge sizes. For example, let’s say you want to get to a 00 gauge and you are currently at a 14 gauge earring. Some people simply prefer to stick with the 316l surgical steel belly rings which are popular belly button rings. It should not be worn as your initial piercing, but if you want shine, sterling silver is one of the best kinds of belly rings for shimmer. It can be less expensive than 14k gold and still have the fabulous gold color, making it another popular belly button ring metal type. Polymers can be absorbent, so it is a good idea to remove your plastic belly button rings and clean them frequently to eliminate possible infections.
Just like plastic, it can be a bit porous, making it a good choice for healed piercings, but removal and frequent cleaning is suggested. Some specific nose piercing types have a larger barbell width or gauge, such as a 16 gauge horseshoe nose ring. Many cultures in many different countries have had ala or nostril piercings as part of their symbolic cultural expressions. The Rhino is one of the most unusual and different types of nose piercings, did not even become popular in America until about 10 years ago. Measuring body jewelry sizes does not have to be a mystery any longer with this easy to use belly ring size chart. The belly button ring gauge size is not the same thing as the belly button ring length, but the actual width of the barbell that enters your piercing.
The smaller the gauge the bigger the hole, so any standard size earring can be worn in addition to 20 or 18 gauge captive rings, cartilage studs, etc. If you’re looking for captive bead rings, be sure to find out if you need 8 gauge, 16 gauge, 18 gauge, 20 gauge captive bead rings.
For many, the 316l surgical steel gives them both the fit and the comfort level they are seeking. Titanium is considered a biocompatible metal that is not going to be rejected by your body due to a specific and unique property inherent to it. Wear gold, but don’t keep it in your piercing for long extended periods of time as it can dent and scratch. They can also come in many different colors whereas PTFE, another similar material, comes in white.
For example, it is part of the Indian Ayurvedic medicine tradition to pierce a woman’s left nostril to enhance her childbirthing abilities. These types of nose piercings were seen on members of Africa and South American tribes, but have now made their way to us and have become part of the modern piercing repertoire.
A lot of captive bead rings or nose hoops are 16 gauge, so make sure they are going to fit into your nose piercing. Many people gradually increase the size of their septum piercings, which is one of the locations a horseshoe is commonly worn, therefore, increasing the size or width of the gauge size of the nose ring needed. Knowing the proper body jewelry gauge sizes and measurements, such as the belly button ring lengths, makes shopping for body jewelry easier. Pierce your belly button and enjoy the fun of wearing belly button rings as an informed belly ring wearer. It visually shows you the progression of sizes for ear gauges so you can better understand your own ear gauge sizing in relation to all ear gauge sizes.
Follow your progress of ear ear stretching with a list of ear gauge sizes and don’t forget to put together an ear stretching kit by using the sizes for ear gauges shown on the ear gauge sizing chart. For others, they are looking for adjustable length to accommodate the growing belly of pregnancy or because of an initial piercing that perhaps is just a bit off from the standard piercing. 316l surgical steel belly rings are often sufficient for those allergic to certain kinds of metal. It has a osseointegrate property, which is a fancy scientific term for saying that your body treats titanium as if it were bone and can use it as an anchor to grow on, just like bone. PTFE is a very stable material and highly desirable for retainers, for pregnancy belly button rings, and for anyone looking for a safe, allergy-free, and flexible belly button ring.
When you get your nose pierced, make sure to discuss with your professional piercer which gauge and nose ring types you should wear during the initial healing process and which gauge as well as different types of nose piercings is best after healing. The horseshoe is also worn as an ala nose ring and sometimes as a bridge nose ring although it is more likely that a curved barbell is used in the bridge piecing or a straight barbell. To better understand the terms associated with navel ring sizes and where exactly a measurement is located on your belly button ring, we present you with this new belly button ring size chart. Not only does it present to you an easy to understand infographic of ear gauge sizes, it gives you the ear gauge sizes in order from 14 gauge to 00 gauge.
PTFE, Bioflex, and Bioplast can be cut down to just the right size, giving the belly ring wearer just the right custom fit. However, there is still a certain percentage of people who suffer from nickel allergies that will still react to 316l surgical steel.
There are different possibilities for the alloy, but silver, copper, and zinc are sometimes used.
All ear gauge sizes in between need to be purchased before you start your ear stretching adventure. Alternatively, you could just buy one ear gauge size at a time as you slowly make your way into the ear stretching world.

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