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Author: admin, 13.09.2014
A bit more extreme method of piercing, inserting ear gauges includes earlobes stretching in order for them to be placed. We’re talking about Daryl Belmares, also known as the Bear Big Ears, the proud owner of the biggest ear gauges in the world.
This pastor at His Place Austin has even appeared in the movie Modify with his whopping 5.5 inches (14 cm) ear gauges.
We often look to the stars for style inspiration, from what they wear on the red carpet to their everyday outfits to how they accessorize.

This singer rose to fame on American Idol and now always shows off his gauges onstage and on the red carpet.
The lead singer of Gym Class Heroes sports plenty of tattoos and a pair of gauges in his ears.
She may only be 12 years old, but Will Smitha€™s daughter is reportedly already wearing ear gauges. Urban Body Jewelry also sells belly rings, nose rings, tongue rings, and more to fulfill all your body jewelry needs.

There are some celebrities we also watch for their more alternative forms of personal expression and style, including tattoos, body piercings, and ear gauges.

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