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Our a€?Signature Rangea€™ dual driver in-ear monitor based on and constructed using the same high quality components of our SoundEar. Unique to us and our SoundEar range they are constructed of two different compounds of Silicone. Offered in three choices of finish our signal cable has been chosen to match the quality of the design and build of our SoundEar range, the core cable delivers a clean sound, the interwoven Kevlar increases its strength and flexibility whilst the polyurethane outer sheath eliminates the passage of friction noise in to the ear and terminated in a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo jack plug.
The SoundEar Pro 2 benefits from two balanced armature drivers, one delivering bass and mid-frequencies and a second delivering the high frequencies (trebles) incorporating crossover circuitry. All additional options selected will be recalculated after clicking on the Buy button but before you commit to paying. Cost of impressions start from £25 and payable directly to the audiologist upon having impressions taken.

Custom-made Moulded Ear Plugs for Swimmers provide the ideal solution for anyone prone to ear infections, sensitive outer ears, perforated eardrums, or anyone wearing grommets. They are designed to seal the outer ear area and help prevent water from entering the ear canal. They are available in a variety of bright easy-to-see colours and can come with handles for easy use. For larger numbers, visits to Swim Clubs & Groups all over Dublin and Ireland can be arranged in advance.
I would like to extend my thanks to Hearing Healthcare for providing my son with swim ear-moulds. The SoundEar Pro-2 is designed with performing musicians and audiophiles in mind understanding the demanding needs of both.

The main construction of the plug is more firm grade of soft Silicone for strength in containing the components and holding them secure as well as a secure fit in the outer ear and an ultra-soft grade of Silicone for the ear canal where comfort and flexibility is the absolute key to the integrity of the performance in allowing for the natural jaw and ear canal movement especially regarding live performance. The result is reference quality sound delivery which coupled with the isolation of the perfect acoustic seal of a custom in-ear fit provides a detail and clarity unheard of in any dual driver earphones.

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