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Ear discharge is common in healthy individuals since the ear produces earwax as a way to protect the inner portions of the ear from bacteria and infection. There are times when ear discharges are accompanied by a foul smell, pain, numbness tingling, or a ringing sound. Infection often results to a discharge that is foul-smelling or one that has a yellow-green color. Swimmer’s ear is another type of infection where contaminated water gets into the ear and causes an infection. For excessive ear discharges caused by a perforation of the eardrum, the doctor may apply a paper patch to restore normal hearing and reduce the discharge.
The Eardoc is a non-invasive device designed to open the ear tube (Eustachian Tube) and release fluids and air trapped behind the eardrum, causing pain and infections in the middle ear (Otitis Media).
In most cases, the pain is caused by the accumulated air & fluids pressuring on the ear-drum.
The Eardoc solves the problem causing the ear infections, instead of treating the symptoms.
Soft head for a better feel and effects – New Silicone Head for a softer feeling and more comfort. New Digital ON button with 10 speeds – Choose the suitable speed for you or your child with 10 available speeds. New Battery tray and cover – New battery cap with grip design (2 AA batteries, not included in the Eardoc). Eardoc fits your ear shape – The Eardoc’s head curved shape is designed to fit behind the ear comfortably and easily.
Eardoc generates and transmits vibration waves to the middle ear and the Eustachian tube (view diagram on other side). The EARDOC™ was tested on patients complaining of ear pain and identified with fluids in the middle ear by tympanometry.
The patients in group B, treated with Eardoc, were found to have a significant reduction of fluids in the middle ear, and patients reported relief of pain and sense comfort after using the EARDOC™. Patients using the EARDOC™ show significant pain relief and reduction of the middle ear fluids as well as ear drum functions. A satisfaction survey conducted with EARDOC™ customers has shown that a total of 94% of Eardoc users found pain relief when using the EARDOC™. Check out the EARDOC™ reviews page and see some of the testimonials customers have sent us.

Eardoc is a natural alternative for middle ear infection treatment, drainage of fluid buildup in the middle ear and ear pain relief.
Infection can be caused in any part of the ear like otitis externa (ear canal), middle of the ear (otitis media) and the eardrum.
If left untreated, the infection passes on to advanced stage giving severe pain radiating in your neck and even entire face.
If there is excess of moisture inside your ear, it can cause infection and bacterial growth. In case the pain or itch is severe, you can take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for getting relief from pain. If needed, your doctor will use suction pump for draining away the fluids inside to facilitate complete cure. However, fluid draining from ears can also be a sign of an underlying condition, such as trauma or infection.
The body naturally produces ear wax that prevents dirt and bacteria from getting inside the ear, and earwax does the job of trapping dirt and bacteria before they can make their way inside.
Trauma can result when you push a Q-tip inside too hard or when any foreign substance gets into the ear and causes undue pressure to the walls or any of the bones of the inner ear. Too much moisture in the ear promotes bacterial growth and can lead to damage to the ear canal in the long run.
Inflammation of this part of the jaw can affect the ear, causing excessive fluid buildup and this results to a runny discharge of fluid.
Ear drops are prescribed to reduce swelling and inflammation brought by an ear infection or trauma. He may prescribe antibiotics to prevent the infection from spreading and patients may be advised to stay out of the water while treatment is going on. The fluids and air are drained by the EARDOC’S vibrations and the pain is relieved quickly and effectively. Ear pain is often caused by pressure on the ear drum from the fluids & air trapped in the middle ear. There are many reasons for getting ear canal infection by is predominantly caused due to pressure changes or direct injury. It can happen due to heavy sweating, exposure to humid weather or staying in water for long. You need to consult ear specialist for getting relevant ear drops like neomycin or hydrocortisone.

Once ear wax starts to build up, the body expels the wax through the ear, and this is the discharge you see. The presence of bacteria leads to inflammation which in turn leads to fluid buildup in the ear.
A sudden increase in pressure similar to that felt if you are riding on an airplane at very high altitudes may cause your eardrum to rupture. Most cases of abnormal fluid discharge can clear up without any form of treatment although conditions that are caused by trauma need to be attended by a doctor. For severe cases, surgery may be done and a patch of skin may be surgically attached over the hole to cover it.
Whenever ear infection begins, it will trigger natural defense mechanism for cleaning the ears and preventing infection.
The EARDOC™ relieves ear pain for children, adults, air travelers and divers that suffer from Otitis Media, Trapped fluids in the middle ear and Eustachian tube dysfunction. Swimmer’s ear is a condition of infection which is caused when water enters the eardrum aiding bacterial growth. As the infection progresses to moderate level, there may be more of itching with pain than before. This can happen when you put your fingers inside your ears or insert hairpin or any sharp objects for cleaning. Some people develop infection on the ear while using cotton swabs and putting their fingers into the ear that would damage the thin lining of the skin inside. The fluid discharge may increase depending on the severity of infection and there will be extensive color change inside your ear. Over the counter medicines like pseudoephedrine can be taken for mild ear pain which will ease out ear pressure. For some people, there may be decreased hearing ability due to blockage in the ear canal or due to the accumulation of fluid inside.
The ear canal slopes down gently from the middle of the ear to outside facilitating easy drainage.

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