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To clean the ears, pour ear cleaner in each ear, give them a good ear massage, and then let them shake (repeat if anything yucky is in the ears).
Every few months or so, the tuffs of hair that grow inside the ear must be removed by plucking a few at a time. For dogs with long ears, like Bloodhounds, where the ears come past the tip of the nose, remember to regularly clean their ear tips after each meal, as their ears usually swim in the food bowl and get soiled with dog food.

When putting the ear wash in these big dogs’ ears, get in right inside and give them a REAL GOOD massage, then they will SHAKE their head and if there is any debris in the ear it should come flying out. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. If the head is heavily soiled, pinch the ears shut while rinsing off the dirt, or put cotton balls in each ear.

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