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When seconds count, Neutraliser™ will provide immediate first aid & neutralize chemical burns in ± 3 seconds not 10!
When seconds count, Neutraliser™ will provide immediate first aid & neutralize chemical burns in ± 3 seconds not 10 with the quarter turn snap lid and is tamper evident! MSDS sheets dictate the requirement to flush an effected area for a minimum of 15 minutes of continues flow of water. The user must be able to activate the unit within 1 second and using a single hand operation. Eyewash bottles do not meet the ANSI Z358.1 and they should not be used in place of these requirements. Acids and Alkali cause the pH level of the body to either increase or decrease above or below the normal range.

As the pH level moves to either 1 or 14, the risk of injury to the body increases because the chemical burn intensifies. Neutraliser™ provides instant relief from a caustic burn to the eyes and skin with this multi-purpose formula (high buffer capacity agents, isotonic and saline). Immediate neutralizing counter-action to normalize the pH value is not possible with just a sterile saline rinse (0.9% sodium chloride). Person in distress with chemical in the eye is challenged in attempting to unscrew the bottle.
Maybe mounted to a standard belt or most tool belts and fall protection harness with a tool belt. Ingredients immediately neutralize, (a better counter- action than just saline) the acid or alkali.

High buffer capacity formula neutralizes acids and alkalis (a better counter-action than just saline). Formula also includes an antiseptic to prevent infection during transportation to proper medical care. It will stock most 500mL & 1L wall stations, in all locations, with an "all-risks" solution. It responds to all accidents - chemical or otherwise - with ONE "all risks" formula.3 year shelf life.

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