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If you are travelling with a baby then you will obviously need to sit with them for the flight. There are a number of things that may be worth considering if you are planning on breastfeeding during the flight.
Here are a few ways to help prevent discomfort that's caused by popping ears during take-off and landing.
Blocked ear sensation is the result of the air pressure on either side of your ear drum not being equal.
Blocked ears arise when air is unable to move through the Eustachian tube to equalise the pressure.
Since this condition is so common with air travel, the blocked ears feeling is commonly known as "aeroplane ear".
Blocked ears may also affect balance (since the balance mechanism is located inside your ears), and may contribute to tinnitus. Have you even noticed that when you swallow, your ears make a small "click" or popping sound? The most common cause of ear blockage is when you have a cold and your Eustachian tube gets blocked with mucous. This annoying feeling of a blocked ear accompanying a blocked nose generally disappears once the cold or infection is better. For a temporary blockage, make a concerted effort to swallow or yawn to help "pop" the blockage in your ears.

If you still can't unblock your ears, the methods below for unblocking your sinuses may help.
If your blocked ear problem persists, you may need to attend to any sinus or excess mucous problems.
More information about Sound Therapy is available below in how to fix your faulty ear muscles. Once you have ruled out or fixed mucous and inflammatory blockages, you can look at toning your ear muscles. It comes with a comprehensive manual, training DVDs, Sound Therapy book, and 3 month listener support via email. On and off, my right ear would have a sensation of being blocked, like when you are on a plane. When my ears "popped" within three days of starting the treatment, I realised that my hearing had been worse than I thought! I have flown many times since starting Sound Therapy and have not had painful ears or blocked Eustachian tubes.
I used the therapy on my return plane trip to Auckland and was thrilled to find at each destination I had no hearing problems whatsoever!
When I was in the German army in January 1944, I had an infection of both inner ears and the Eustachian tubes.
In 1979 a sinus condition developed which I blamed on the type of chalk I was sing as a teacher.
Generally speaking, I feel that a considerable change has been going on within me and apparently still is. Holiday Extras provides you with some great advice on how to book an extra airline seat for your baby.

The most common methods, especially when landing, involve encouraging your baby to drink or eat, or to suck a dummy. I probably do it once a week these days, but I know that if I leave it, my ear will get blocked again. Fortunately all the hatches were open, but I had little sense of hearing or sense of balance for a few days. Bizarrely, crying can equalise the pressure in baby's ears, and is, perhaps, one of the most effective methods.
However, anyone who has flown with a child on board will know that as the plane descends the air pressure in the ears can cause a lot of screaming. Travel insurance for children Make sure your baby travels fully covered for medical expenses. With Holiday Extras, you can add your newborn baby to an existing holiday insurance policy. As long as you haven't left the UK, your child can be added for free to a single trip policy or your annual travel insurance policy.
But please make sure and check the Terms and conditions apply are the same before claiming Tried, tested and recommended.
This year we were delighted to scoop an outstanding achievement award in recognition of our contribution over the last decade towards making the workplace better. Holiday Extras prides itself on providing the best products, the best service and above all, great low prices.

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