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Author: admin, 20.05.2014
Whether one agrees with President Obama or not that oil companies AND dozens of other large special interest groups that spend Millions of Dollars lobbying to get Billions of Dollars in tax breaks from OUR Sorry Ass “Elected Leaders” in Washington DC that will sell-out the American People for a few Bucks, dinner and a few drinks…. Yes, astonishing, and incredibly WRONG when one considers that the oil industry in America pays Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of taxes to Federal, State and Local governments and employs Hundreds of Thousands of American Citizens and yet standing in the Rose Garden on Thursday was the President of the United States conducting a personal attack on American businesses because of $4 Billion Dollars in tax breaks that the oil companies get which is made up mostly of depreciation that those oil companies create when they invest Hundreds of Billions of Dollars to search for and find more oil which is the Very Same Damn depreciation that companies like Apple take only Apple doesn’t employ Hundreds of Thousands of Americans in AMERICA (although they do employ millions of people in China at what we consider slave labor wages) which again is…astonishing.
Well, the obvious answer to the above question is that like most politicians President Obama’s political advisors look at and take polls of the America People’s opinions all the time on issues of the day and they rightly see that the American People are pissed off about the high price of oil and thus the high price of gasoline at the pump and those very same Americans wonder why the price of gasoline is so high when the U.S. Was President Obama’s…and his campaign team in Chicago….goal to on Thursday when he stood in the Rose Garden of the White House to demonize American oil companies which pay Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in taxes and employ Hundreds of Thousands of American Citizens over a $4 Billion Dollar tax break that is NO different from the tax breaks that millions of other American businesses take each and every year? Yes….to demonize the American oil industry must be the goal of President Obama and his campaign team because we of course know that the Obama Administration has been conducting a Direct and All-Out Attack on American Energy since early 2009 and it is our opinion that if the EPA could find out a way to destroy American oil, natural gas, coal and any other company that turns a Buck from finding, drilling for, refining and selling the Natural Resources that are on Planet Earth the EPA would do it in a nanosecond and not give two rips about the Hundred Million Plus Americans and their children that would suffer because of their actions.

That is the sad reality about America in 2012 where we have the President of the United States conducting a personal and Direct Attack on ONE American industry from the Rose Garden of the White House….BUT…why is President Obama doing that when a man that was educated at Columbia and Harvard would have to know that conducting a Direct Attack on the American oil industry would only drive up oil prices even higher if their $4 Billion Dollars in tax breaks were taken away?
Yes, why is the question and like most things that are basic it takes a woman…rather one of our wives in this case…to crystallize just what the Hell is going on and that wife of one of us (who voted for Obama in 2008) said at dinner last night….
Damn good question and that is a question that has no logical answer unless of course Barack Obama trusts Vladimir Putin more than he trusts American companies that are paying Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in taxes and is right now Employing Hundreds of Thousands of Americans right now in the United States of America. What is happening is that the president is coming across more and more as a trimmer, as an operator who’s not operating in good faith.
Yes, cutting deals with thugs and demonizing American companies while America piles up Trillions of Dollars of debt onto the backs of all of children and grandchildren….

Government is now running $1 Trillion Dollar annual deficits and has been running $1 Trillion Dollar annual deficits EVERY YEAR of the Obama Presidency? Among them the level of dislike for the president has ratcheted up sharply the past few months.

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