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Author: admin, 28.10.2014
There are many advantages to the newly-popular open workspace model of offices, particularly when it comes to collaboration and communication in the workplace. The new Voyager Edge UC Bluetooth headset offers a similar set of features to traveling business people. Don't miss each week's most important technology trends, insights and decision-making advice, right in your inbox. Hearing loss causes are not special one for which we have to read books to gain knowledge about it but they are some common reasons which we do not care about in our daily routine.
We should not listen to music for long hours and we also have to keep ourselves away from headphones.
Infection in our ear is major reason for loss of permanent hearing which is also called Deafness. The new Blackwire is a corded, two ear piece headset that offers Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology.
The headset offers ANC technology, a charging case that holds an extra charge-and-a-half for the device, and a Bluetooth USB dongle for laptops. The small speakerphone is a USB device with a noise cancelling microphone and a Kensington compatible lock port.

Person is not able to hear sound fully or partially do to some problems which I will discuss later on.
Human being is very lazy and careless and that’s why we get ourselves into problems for which later on we have to regret about it. Due to listening to loud music for long hours or listening songs on headphone causes loss of hearing.
From now on you should take care of your ears properly and also aware people around you about them. In an open office, noise is a larger issue than ever before, and audio device company Plantronics took notice and has announced four new products with this new workplace model in mind. ANC is certainly not a cure-all for unwanted noise, but it specifically targets low-end, droning noise, such as that on an airplane or background chatter in an office.
The USB dongle is key when using the device with a computer, as most Bluetooth connectivity is not aimed at transmitting high quality audio. Lastly, Plantronics' Clarity 340 is a corded handset designed for those with vision, dexterity and hearing challenges. In age of 50 or 60 it is normal but if it occurs in teenage then we have to care about what causes loss of hearing and should consult with doctor immediately as you found this problem.

Due to this reason, Drugs which we take to cure the infection does not work and person becomes deaf. People working at noisy places should cover their ears with ear plugs so that it should not cause hearing loss. This usually will begin in one ear but will eventually affect both ears with a variable course. The headset features several smart features as well, such as automatic EQ adjustment and the ability to answer calls by putting on the headset. On audiometry, the hearing loss is characteristically low-frequency, with higher frequencies being affected later.
Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) has also been noted in patients with otosclerosis; this is usually a high-frequency loss, and usually manifests late in the disease.

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