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Overview Earwax blockage can occur when your body produces too much earwax or when the existing wax is pushed too far into your ear canal.
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Step through this portal to enter our Library - home to thousands of journals, books, and other resources. Learn how UTSW addresses its three missions a€“ education, research, and patient care a€“ on our main external website. Also called otolaryngology, our ear, nose, and throat service offers innovative medications, speech and language pathology, groundbreaking therapies, and minimally invasive surgical procedures as well as traditional surgery. UT Southwestern is privileged to have an outstanding reputation for research as evidenced by the numerous peer-reviewed articles published each year by our ENT faculty and residents. Respected authorities in the treatment of ENT disorders, our clinicians work in unison with our researchers to provide patients with the most up-to-date therapeutic techniques available. At UT Southwestern, our ENT service applies its combined expertise, experience, and medical resources to effectively treat each patient’s unique condition to achieve outstanding results. Item #1357P The Ear, Nose & Throat chart presents a visual overview of the interconnected structures of breathing, eating & hearing. Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state.

In some cases, you may not be able to hear out of the affected ear, but this typically lasts only until you can have the excess wax removed.
To ensure the best web experience, please upgrade to the latest standard browser for your computer. We offer state of the art technology for evaluation and treatment of balance disorders, sinusitis, allergies, head, neck, and skin cancer, sleep disorders, pediatric ear, nose, and throat issues, and loss of hearing. Simply download and print the PDF to complete, and send one copy to us and bring one copy to your next appointment.
Large graphics illustrate the anatomy of the ear and upper respiratory tract through cross-sectional, frontal and cellular views.
If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. In most cases, home treatment works well, but a doctor can also help eliminate the earwax blockage.
In doing so, even difficult problems may be managed locally without the need for referral to larger metropolitan areas. There are links for new patient information and forms, as well as a link for general ear, nose and throat health information. Causes of Earwax Blockage The presence of some earwax is normal; earwax protects your inner ear from debris, such as bacteria and dust. However, you may develop a blockage if you push the wax deep into your ear or naturally produce an excess amount of earwax.

Other common symptoms include: a feeling of fullness in your ear an earache ringing, buzzing, or other odd noises in your ear Most patients only notice these symptoms in one ear, since it is unlikely that both ears will be blocked at the same time. If you are experiencing these symptoms in both ears, you should see a doctor to rule out any other medical conditions.
Your doctor will likely ask about your symptoms before diagnosing you with a wax blockage. Your doctor will also use a lighted instrument called an otoscope to look into your ear and see if wax may be causing your symptoms.
Home Care You can use several substances to soften and remove earwax at home, including: mineral oil glycerin baby oil Use an eyedropper to insert a few drops into your ear canal twice a day for four to five days to soften the wax.
If this does not work, you can try putting a little hydrogen peroxide in your ear to remove the wax.
Fill a rubber ball syringe with warm water, tilt your head, and pull your earlobe up a bit so that you can direct the water into your ear canal. Another way to prevent earwax blockage is to avoid sticking anything in your ear, including the cotton swabs that many people regularly use to clean out wax. In many cases, this tactic can actually push wax further into your ear, causing an obstruction.

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