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Please Note: The information on this site is solely for purposes of general patient education, and may not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical care. Fourth Avenue ENT Clinic is in a purpose built medical centre located at 35 Fourth Avenue, Eastwood.
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Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. A typical patient loses his or her hearing in one ear over a period of one to several days, associated with a feeling of fullness in the ear, and often tinnitus, or ringing of the involved ear. A delay in treating this condition (2 weeks or more after the symptoms first began) will decrease the chance that medications might help improve the hearing loss.

The diagnosis can only be made by specialized hearing testing by an otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) or an audiologist.
A comprehensive evaluation by an otolaryngologist (ENT) and an audiologist will ensure that the loss is nerve-related, and not due to fluid, infection, or a perforation, or hole in the eardrum. An MRI scan of the brain, with gadolinium contrast, is also performed to exclude the presence of a cerebellopontine angle tumor, such as a vestibular schwannoma (acoustic neuroma).
If you do have sudden sensorineural hearing loss, treatment with steroids within the first 2 weeks of the symptoms provides the best chance that some of the hearing may return.
Cass Street Ear Nose and Throat Clinic is a hospital in Michigan and is nearby to Traverse City and Town and Country Mobile Village.
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We can offer hearing tests at the time of consultation at Connect Hearing and CT scans can be performed with PRP usually at the time of consultation.
The symptoms of decreased hearing and fullness of the ear are often diagnosed as a middle ear infection (otitis media) and so the referral to an audiologist or otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) is made too late, or insurance issues may prevent referral in a timely fashion to an ear specialist.
The gold standard therapy is steroids by mouth but several small studies have suggested that steroids injected into the ear may be beneficial.

It involves the administration of steroid (such as dexamethasone or methylprednisolone) into the middle ear using a relatively painless, quick technique in the office setting. Cass Street Ear Nose and Throat Clinic is also close to Ladies Library Building Historical Marker and Thirlby Field. Hearing tests performed at the time of consultation are eligible for a rebate from Medicare. However, several small studies have suggested that delivery of steroids directly to the inner ear (by injecting medication into the middle ear) may also be equally effective. The medication is administered through the eardrum (tympanic membrane) to fill the middle ear. This procedure is called intratympanic (or transtympanic) steroid therapy and other variations such as intratympanic dexamethasone perfusion or intratympanic methylprednisolone perfusion, etc. The inner ear then absorbs the steroid through passive diffusion across the round window membrane to the scala tympani, the largest of the three chambers of the inner ear.

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