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Author: admin, 13.08.2014
Nursing staff with Countdown representative Cheryl Read with a sleep monitor for patients to take home.
The Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal continues to be very generous in its support to the children’s services of Waikato District Health Board.
Recently Ruth Krippner and Cheryl Read from Countdown called in to see the end result of the donations – products our wards and services can use to make a positive difference to the care and experience of children in our hospitals and their families.
Karina McFarlane (left) and Kayla Allen with the new Kay picture card set bought for Taumarunui Hospital. Ruth and Cheryl from Countdown also visiting the new playroom which is managed by the hospital play specialists where a multi-sensory room, funded by the Countdown appeal, will be housed. The money raised by Countdown Kids Hospital Appeal goes to Waikato Health Trust, which is Waikato DHB’s charitable trust. In 2014 more than $110,000 was raised through Countdown’s customer donations and staff events.

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